MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 4, 2016) - 3-V Biosciences, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutics in oncology, announced today that data from its ongoing Phase 1 clinical study of its lead program (TVB-2640), a first-in-class Fatty Acid Synthase (FASN) inhibitor, was presented at the Keystone Symposia Conference held on February 21-25 in Banff, Canada. The abstract titled "Sebum Analysis from Dose Escalation and Expansion Phases of the FASN Inhibitor TVB-2640 Phase 1 Trial, A Non-Invasive Biomarker of Target Engagement" highlighted the use of a novel, non-invasive assay to assess reduction of lipid synthesis in skin as a result of FASN inhibition by this first-in-class agent.

This novel assay was found to be simple, quantitative, sensitive, and specific across the patient population studied. It is currently being used in a larger number of patients in the ongoing phase I study to monitor the pharmacodynamics activity of TVB-2640, and may ultimately serve as a prognostic tool in all future phase II and III trials for this agent. The assay results demonstrate that the recommended dose of TVB-2640 was capable of inhibiting FASN in skin and exerting biological changes by decreasing synthesis of multiple classes of lipids.

"We are pleased to highlight these findings at such a key scientific meeting. The data obtained from this innovative assay bolster our confidence that TVB-2640 elicits its effect on-target by preventing the synthesis of key lipids driving tumorigenesis," commented Dr. George Kemble, Chief Executive Office and Chief Scientific Officer of 3-V Biosciences.

About TVB-2640
TVB-2640 is an oral, proprietary fatty acid synthase (FASN) inhibitor being evaluated for the treatment of solid tumors. FASN, an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of palmitic acid (palmitate), plays a key role in tumor metabolism, lipid signaling and tumor cell survival. FASN over-expression is associated with aggressive disease and poor prognosis in a number of solid tumors. TVB-2640 is the first FASN inhibitor to enter human clinical trials.

About 3-V Biosciences
3-V Biosciences, Inc. is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics in oncology based on expertise in lipid biology. The company's lead oncology product candidate is a first-in-class inhibitor of fatty acid synthase (FASN) currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical trial for the treatment of solid tumors. Lipids are integral to cellular metabolism, cellular signaling and cellular structure and the emerging understanding of lipid biology opens up promising new areas for drug development. Together with a group of world-renowned experts in lipid biology, we have established expertise to translate this biology into patient benefit with a focus on oncology drug development. The company is located in Menlo Park, California.

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