CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Long-time Democrat Ken Lanci, a local businessman, philanthropist and one-time Cleveland mayoral candidate, has decided to support Donald Trump in this year's presidential election. The announcement includes the introduction of a new website supporting the candidate and comes before the Ohio primary on March 15.

"It is abundantly clear there is only one candidate not connected to the special interest groups and the establishment. Trump is his own man," said Lanci. "Trump is facing all the difficulties I faced while running for mayor and county executive as an outsider." Like Trump, Lanci financed his own campaign and spent millions of dollars not to be beholden to any group or person.

"No one in the establishment wants you to succeed," Lanci said. In fact, during Lanci's mayoral campaign, even the Republican Party held a fundraiser to support Lanci's Democratic opponent.

Lanci believes Trump will work for the good of all. He believes Trump embodies good Christian values and has a great family who exemplifies those values.
"We can't continue to do things the way we always have. Trump offers a new roadmap where strong business acumen along with the involvement of our nation's brightest business minds will have the best chance to turn things around."

Lanci believes Trump will bring jobs back, improve the economy and help America re-establish its reputation as a world leader. He continued, "Our government has not been working for a long time as a two-party system with the far right and far left always at odds. A major course correction is required. Trump is the right man at the right time."

Lanci's continued journey of faith led him to this conclusion, he said, "There is one best individual now in the presidential race who represents the faith-based community and people at all levels of society with the best chance of success. Trump appeals to American values. That is a major reason why I endorse his candidacy."

In support of Trump, Lanci has provided a 10 x 30 foot outdoor sign on Route 480 near Broadway and plans additional signs on both the east and west sides of Cleveland. They read "We the People Have Only One Choice—Trump for President." A life-long Democrat, Lanci has also created a dedicated website for supporters in Ohio

Why did Lanci ever decide to enter politics? It was driven by a cardiac arrest event in 2007 when he flat-lined, saw a bright white light and felt all the love of God. From that day on, his 100% purpose in life changed to "working for the greater good of all." Politics provided a new direction for his life, a calling that took him to a place he would have never gone without this life-changing experience.

Most of Lanci's political life is covered in his book, which was published in 2013. The title is long, but meaningful: "Working for the Greater Good of All…Really!!: How My Search for Purpose in Life Became My Journey of Faith." His decision to support Trump is a continuation of his journey of faith.

Finally, Lanci spoke with great emotion. "Trump is seeing the same kind of attacks by the media and politicians I experienced. Our politicians will continue to lie, be vicious in the process and plot to discourage voters from supporting an outsider. However, this is our first opportunity for we the people to have a voice in government representing all of us. That is Trump's voice. We should take advantage of this opportunity."


Ken Lanci is chairman of Consolidated Solutions, formerly known as Consolidated Graphics Group, a multi-divisional printing, direct marketing and creative resource located in the inner city of Cleveland. He has been a benefactor for numerous non-profit organizations serving the indigent, blind and education. He received his call to politics when he had a near-death, life-changing epiphany that moved him to help people even more. By working for the greater good of all, he began his journey of faith. He ran unsuccessfully for two major posts in the area. In 2010, his independent run for Cuyahoga County Executive and in 2013, his opposition to Mayor Jackson failed.

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