MONTCLAIR, Calif., March 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veterinarians at this San Bernardino County Animal Hospital are pleased to announce that they have been recently awarded “Cat-Friendly” certification with gold status from the American Association of Feline Practitioners. They are the only facility in the area to have this prestigious designation, reports Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital. This hospital is now listed as gold-certified for the 91763 area and cat owners and patients support the receipt of this well-earned certification. Montclair cat owners can feel secure in the knowledge that their local Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital offers the best care available for their feline patients.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners, or AAFP, is composed of veterinary professionals passionate about cat care. Their website,, allows pet owners to locate cat-friendly practices in their area and find the best available feline care possible with over 3,500 members in North America and globally. Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital has helped AAFP reach a major milestone in their cat-friendly practice program, with now 1000 cat-friendly practices. A 2015 Cat Friendly Practice Survey reveals that a majority of newly designated CFP clinics experience a surge in cat patients and visits with a related increase in revenue.

“We fully appreciate the new certification awarded from the AAFP,” said Dr. Nichole Agarwal. “The certification does not change our approach in feline care as that has been fundamental to Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital. However, it does provide recognition of our efforts, takes into account feedback from pet owners, and gives San Bernardino pet owners additional confidence in choosing our hospital for veterinary care of beloved felines. Pet owners now have an additional way to ascertain the best animal hospital for their needs. We look forward to providing for the physical and emotional needs of new patients, including a separate entrance and waiting area for cats, that can reduce the stress on new patients as they wait to see the veterinarian. We are honored by the certification and continued service to cat owners and their pets.”

Dr. Nichole Agarwal and Dr. Veronica Bocanegra are practicing veterinarians at the Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital, serving the communities of Montclair, Claremont, Upland, Ontario, Chino and Rancho Cucamonga. Patients receive excellence in compassionate pet care with a wide range of veterinary services to meet individual case needs. From routine wellness visits to serious and urgent care needs, experienced veterinarians and staff fully address all care concerns. Cats benefit from a separate entrance and waiting area to reduce unnecessary stress as part of the Arrow Dog & Cat Hospital focus on establishing a cat-friendly environment.

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