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Agari Prevents Spear Phishing With New Enterprise Protect

Agari Enterprise Protect Stops Targeted Email Attacks, Ensures Employees Only Receive 'Trustworthy' Emails

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 29, 2016) -   Agari, a leading cybersecurity company, today announced the general availability of Agari Enterprise Protect, the industry's only email security solution that stops sophisticated, difficult to detect spear phishing attacks that are evading current security tools. Successful spear phishing attacks often use some form of identity deception, such as emails that impersonate a co-worker, executive or trusted business partner. The Agari Enterprise Protect solution identifies and isolates these attacks by building behavioral 'trust models' based on the identity of the email sender, protecting organizations from email-based data breaches, financial theft, malware delivery, credential theft and critical system compromise.

"Cloud computing has relieved enterprises worldwide from many of the burdens of information technology and freed them to pursue business priorities as never before -- but the cloud has also enabled cyber criminals to carry out low-cost attacks with speed and potentially far reaching impact," said Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security at 451 Research. "In this new paradigm, enterprises must recognize that without verifying the trust they place in these new environments, they are open to attacks in ways previously unanticipated. Verifying that trust can give their employees the confidence they need to operate at the speed of business, with less risk of falling victim to cloud-enabled attacks."

The FBI recently documented a 270 percent increase in Business Email Compromises (BEC), a prevalent form of spear phishing. Agari research found that more than 85 percent of these attacks are enabled by legitimate cloud services and the majority do not contain a malicious attachment or link, which make them impossible for current security tools to prevent as they take an ineffective, reactive approach to email security.

"Aetna has a long standing commitment to ensure the security of our clients and members," said Jim Routh, CSO, Aetna. "With the adoption of Agari Enterprise Protect, we are enhancing our employees' overall trust level in their email, taking the safety and security of our members, clients and employees to the next level."

The Agari Enterprise Protect solution takes a proactive approach, building on the company's data science discovery that every legitimate domain identity has a unique behavioral pattern -- or fingerprint -- of email sending. The solution leverages the power of the industry-proven Agari Email Trust Platform™, which is used by leading Fortune 1000 companies to prevent phishing attacks, and includes the company's patent-pending analytics engine and email telemetry network, which provides unparalleled visibility into more than 10 billion email messages per day across three billion mailboxes. This proprietary insight drives the Agari Trust Analytics machine learning engine, which uniquely enables the Agari Enterprise Protect solution to develop highly accurate 'trust models' that reflect the behavioral pattern of all legitimate domains. These models enable organizations to identify, isolate and stop email attacks that spoof any trusted domain, including their own, ensuring their employees receive and interact only with trustworthy email messages. 

According to a recent Gartner report, "phishing is the most common targeted method of cyberattacks" and the, "Increasing volume and sophistication of phishing attacks are resulting in real financial damage to organizations in both downtime and direct financial fraud." Further, "phishing content does not always include a malicious payload, making phishing emails increasingly difficult to detect."

All early adopters of Agari Enterprise Protect, from Fortune 50 enterprises to technology start-ups, detected multiple, targeted email attacks against their employees which evaded all other existing layers of email protection, including many that did not include a malicious payload.

"The most malicious email attacks are no longer pleas for funds from a purported Nigerian Prince. Instead, the cybercriminals of today are sophisticated shape shifters who take the form of your most trusted colleagues -- your CEO, CFO or long-time business partner," said Patrick Peterson, founder and CEO of Agari. "Agari Enterprise Protect delivers what traditional security solutions cannot -- it successfully identifies and halts targeted email attacks, even those which do not include a malicious payload, thereby enabling enterprises to preserve trust within their organization and maintain their competitive edge."

About the Agari Email Trust Platform™
The Agari Email Trust Platform is the industry's only solution that 'understands' the true sender of emails. The cloud-based platform includes the company's unique, email telemetry network - the industry's largest footprint of email traffic in the world -- to provide unparalleled visibility into a significant portion of global email traffic. The award-winning platform also integrates the patent-pending Agari Trust Analytics engine, which 'learns' about email identities based on the relationship of the sender and recipient and the global fingerprint, and applies this knowledge to stop phishing attacks. The Agari Email Trust Platform is trusted by leading Fortune 1000 companies, including six of the top 10 banks and five of the world's leading social media networks, to protect their enterprise, partners and customer from advanced email phishing attacks.

The Agari Email Trust Platform powers the Agari Enterprise Protect solution, which helps organizations protect themselves from advanced spear phishing attacks. The platform also powers the industry-proven Agari Customer Protect solution, which protects consumers from email attacks that spoof enterprise brands, reducing fraud losses, increasing the efficacy of digital marketing campaigns and protecting enterprise organizations from brand erosion. The Agari Email Trust Platform protects more than 85 percent of consumer mailboxes in the United States and analyzes more than 10 billion messages per day.

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About Agari
Agari, a leading cybersecurity company, is trusted by leading Fortune 1000 companies to protect their enterprise, partners and customers from advanced email phishing attacks. The Agari Email Trust Platform™ is the industry's only solution that 'understands' the true sender of emails, leveraging the company's proprietary, global email telemetry network and patent-pending, predictive Agari Trust Analytics to identify and stop phishing attacks. The platform powers Agari Enterprise Protect, which help organizations protect themselves from advanced spear phishing attacks, and Agari Customer Protect, which protects consumers from email attacks that spoof enterprise brands. Agari, a recipient of the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation Award and recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security, is backed by Alloy Ventures, Battery Ventures, First Round Capital, Greylock Partners and Scale Venture Partners. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @AgariInc.