PHILADELPHIA, PA., March 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PolicyPak Software, a technology leader in Application Configuration Management (ACM) for Active Directory, today introduced a new version of its Browser Router software. Brower Router helps IT administrators manage multi-browser environments, configure websites to open in the browser of choice and block websites – including remote machines via the cloud.

IT administrators are aware that not every browser is the right one for all websites. The challenge is many users are inadvertently using the wrong browser to get to websites.

With PolicyPak Browser Router, IT administrators can create policies (or routes) where specific websites are always launched into the specific browsers via routes.

"Every desktop has more than one and sometimes four web browsers, and if you have any Windows 10 machines, you automatically have two browsers – IE 11 and Edge," said Jeremy Moskowitz, founder and CEO, PolicyPak Software. "Brower Router helps control browser choice in a multi-browser environment. IT admins can create the rules to ensure which browser opens for web applications. Websites load in for the most compatible and secure browser and IT settings are constantly applied and cannot be worked around."

Key features of PolicyPak Browser Router include:

• Seamlessly route from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
• Create special routes from Internet Explorer 11 to Microsoft Edge
• Route to custom and virtualized browsers (App-V, ThinApp, etc.)
• Route to browsers on TS / RDS / Citrix
• Dynamically deliver Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility mode settings

Additionally, with Browser Router, organizations can manage web traffic to ensure that mandated sites may not be accessed, in accordance with corporate policies. This reduces security risks by protecting users from malicious or salacious websites.

PolicyPak Browser Router is part of both PolicyPak On-Premise Suite and PolicyPak Cloud Suite. Therefore, PolicyPak Browser Router rules are delivered using Group Policy or SCCM, or by using the PolicyPak Cloud service. Machines are automatically updated as company needs and rules change.

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