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Wikibon to Launch Worldwide Big Data Market Forecast During Big Data Week in San Jose

Estimates Global Big Data Market Will Reach $92.1B in 2026

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 30, 2016) - SiliconANGLE Media Inc.'s research team at Wikibon today released its Worldwide Big Data Market Forecast, a series of three reports forecasting the roadmap of the Big Data landscape over the next ten years. Findings from these reports will be presented by Wikibon's Chief Research Officer, Peter Burris, during his live presentation, "Turning Big Data into Digital Business," at the analyst firm's "Big Data SV" event, to be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose during Strata + Hadoop World San Jose. An additional report outlining the present and future of Spark will also be published at this time.

"Big Data is reshaping the technology and global business landscape," said Burris. "It has catalyzed new businesses and spurred traditional brands to change their stripes. Wikibon's Big Data research provides a roadmap for generating the new classes of business outcomes that Big Data makes possible."

Multiple factors are spurring growth in the Big Data market. As Big Data practices mature and software improves, Wikibon believes that enterprises will be five times more likely to move from proof-of-concept to production implementation in 2016 than in 2015. Rates of investment will remain high for the next decade as new Internet-of-Things, edge tooling, and predictive application technologies move into the mainstream and fuel Big Data systems. Software solutions and public cloud are expected to solve many of the problems of Big Data usage by small and medium businesses, and will reach more broadly around the globe.

"These reports provide a single-source overview of the investments enterprises will be making in Big Data technologies and how those investments will translate into technology revenues across hardware, software, and service markets," Burris said. The series of reports is available as three separate parts, but intended to be referenced in conjunction Dof each other.

Key findings from Wikibon's Worldwide Big Data Market Forecast report series:

  • "Wikibon's 2016 - 2026 Worldwide Big Data Market Forecast", the first of the three reports, estimates that the global landscape of Big Data will grow from $18.2B in 2014 to $92.1B -- a 14.5 percent CAGR.
  • In the second report, "Wikibon Big Data Definitions and Methodology," Wikibon outlines key definitions all vendors and their customers should be familiar with, including Data Lakes, Intelligent Systems of Engagement, and Self-Tuning Systems of Intelligence, as these three successive and overlapping waves of application patterns are expected to drive the growth of Big Data over the next ten years.
  • Finally, in the third report, "Wikibon 2015 Big Data Market Shares", Wikibon highlights the hardware, software, and services vendors that are poised to lead the Big Data market.

In addition to the Worldwide Big Data Market Forecast report series, Wikibon will publish a first-ever forecast on the Spark industry outlining how Spark is remaking the marketplace, not just in numbers, but in terms of what gets built by vendors and bought by customers.

Key findings from the Wikibon report on Spark:

  • By 2022, the global market for unified streaming analytics technology will be 16% of all Big Data spending, or about $11.5B.
  • Spark aims to replace not Hadoop, but the bulk of Hadoop mix-and-match zoo of analytic engines.
  • Spark is a crucial technology for maturing Big Data applications, but other platforms are already on the drawing board in case the Spark community can't overcome Spark's limitations.
  • For Spark to work at the edge of IoT, the community is going to offer a cut down, sped up version.

Meet The Team At theCUBE's Big Data Silicon Valley Event
Wikibon's Big Data research team will be at theCUBE's 7th Big Data event at 4:30 p.m. on March 30th in the Gold Room of the San Jose Fairmont Hotel. "Big Data SV" will be an excellent opportunity to meet and greet many VIPs in the Big Data community, including Peter Burris and George Gilbert, Wikibon's Big Data analyst and one of the report's authors.

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