LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 7, 2016) - Pipeliner CRM today announced the latest innovation in its mission to make its CRM the most intuitive, user-friendly and effective solution for sales professionals available in the market today.

This new visual element, Opportunity Grouping, in the Pipeline View creatively leverages icons to instantly identify Opportunities according to different attributes. For example, Opportunity owners are represented by their headshots, subjective rankings are represented by different colored stars, and companies are represented by their logos. These, along with a range of other attributes, now make it even easier to immediately look at the Pipeline from different perspectives and gain instant, actionable intelligence on pipeline performance and to know where to focus actions next.

This innovation follows quickly on the heels of the release last month of Pipeliner Automata which featured Navigator drawing upon all the different and complex data sources in the system to deliver proactive insights, advice and guidance to the sales professional in one visual, easily understood screen. Designed to deliver instant focus and clarity, Navigator is the answer to the increasingly complex world in which sales professionals operate.

"Being salespeople and sales managers ourselves, we are dedicated to continually enhancing Pipeliner CRM to be so intelligent and visually impactful that it helps drive our customers to even greater sales success. This latest visual enhancement to our Pipeline View is another example of this," stated Nikolaus Kimla, Founder and CEO of Pipeliner CRM. "At Pipeliner we have built a CRM that is designed for today's sales professionals and have moved way beyond the passive, data repositories that characterizes outdated and traditional CRM systems."

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About Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is a software system that enables salespeople and teams to understand their sales process and accelerate opportunities toward a close, while saving time and maintaining focus. Pipeliner CRM overlays organizational features atop a visual interface, creating a worktool that adapts to and grows with the organization.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Vienna, Austria, Pipeliner CRM has offices in the UK, Sweden, Slovakia and India. Engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @PipelinerCRM or visit us at PipelinerCRM.com

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