ST. LOUIS, April 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With a rapidly growing technology corridor stretching between the central core of the city to the near western suburbs, Downtown STL, Inc., the City of St. Louis, St. Louis Development Corporation and St. Louis Economic Development Partnership ("Issuers") have released a gigabit fiber Request for Information (RFI) to upgrade and expand the regional broadband infrastructure and improve access to an affordable high-speed Internet with speeds more than 1,000 Mbps. The expansion will increase speeds to an estimated 20 times faster than current averages for residents and businesses across St. Louis.

"Becoming a gigabit community will better help us continue supporting innovation and economic development from the heart of our region," said City of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.

As noted by BusinessInsider, DataFox, Kiplinger, Popular Mechanics and others, the St. Louis region is one of the top destinations for technology-focused innovators and entrepreneurs. One of the key infrastructure ingredients for sustaining and accelerating the growth of this innovation ecosystem is availability of modern fiber-optic network and access to affordable, ultra-fast broadband Internet.

This RFI is intended to outline the market opportunity and invite interested vendors to submit ideas for delivering this service in St. Louis in order to develop a widely offered, easily accessible, affordable, highly reliable and fast broadband Internet. This process is one of many steps that the Issuers are taking to help develop a digital network infrastructure that addresses the current and future connectivity needs of established businesses, startups, and residents throughout St. Louis.

"We've had immense growth in St. Louis's innovation clusters in downtown, Cortex, along with Cherokee, and Mid-town Alley," said Missy Kelley, president of Downtown STL. "The RFI will allow us to identify potential business models and partnerships to deliver gigabit Internet services across all neighborhoods and communities of St. Louis."

The Issuers of this RFI recognize the significance of this ultra-fast broadband for the success of its residents and businesses and are committed to making the critical investments and policy modifications required to ensure that St. Louis has widely available and affordable ultra-high-speed Internet service. For the sustained economic growth and success of St. Louis region, the Issuers in collaboration with their partners and stakeholders, continue to work on creating a necessary infrastructure base, as well as a competitive market environment that provides resources necessary for success of our people and businesses alike.

Further details about the RFI, including copy of the RFI, are available at

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Missy Kelley
Downtown STL, Inc.