WINNIPEG, MB --(Marketwired - May 10, 2016) - Consumers in Manitoba, Canada have been spoiled for the past decade -- they have had access to the world's best tasting water all to themselves. Jackson Springs™ Natural Premium Spring Water has been exclusively available only in Central Canada -- until now.

We are proud to announce that our water is now available for worldwide delivery in our new shatterproof 1 litre (1 L) bottle. Orders have already been delivered throughout North America, Korea, China, and Germany.

In 2012, Jackson Springs won the Gold Medal for best tasting water in the world at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition. Since then, Jackson Springs has consistently been recognized as one of the top bottled waters in the world.

"Our water is truly second to none and I would challenge anyone, anywhere in the world, to find another water that tastes and satisfies your thirst better than Jackson Springs."
-- Christopher Garrick, President of Jackson Springs Water Corporation.

"In a market flooded with processed and engineered bottled water options, we believe Jackson Springs satisfies the demand of consumers looking for a great tasting natural spring water with an ideal mineral profile. Wait until you taste it!"

Jackson Springs Water is a premium natural spring water sourced from a private aquifer secluded in the heart of three provincial forests in South-Eastern Manitoba, Canada. The aquifer is the remnants of the last ice age and over 13,000 years old. Our water is naturally filtered through the pristine rocky Canadian terrain and ready for consumption directly from the source. The natural filtration provides a rich mineral profile and an alkaline pH of 8.1.

The unique one litre bottle design offers the elegant look and feel of glass with a functional shatterproof construction. The design was among the best in the world for bottle designs at the 2016 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition. Customers can now take the refreshingly smooth taste of Jackson Springs in areas where glass may be restricted. The premium one litre bottle has been designed exclusively for five-star resorts, fine dining restaurants, upscale spas and pools, casinos, and for those who demand the best.

High resolution bottle graphics are available upon request.

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