NEW YORK, May 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bluecore and Olapic have teamed up to enable brands to incorporate personalized, user-generated content (UGC) within triggered and broadcast email campaigns to craft more meaningful marketing interactions. By coupling Bluecore's consumer data and product catalog intelligence with Olapic's curated, user-generated content, retailers now have the power to deliver authentic and real-time emails that are uniquely tailored to consumers' interests.

More than two billion user-generated photos are posted and viewed across social media platforms daily. Olapic's visual content marketing platform streamlines the collecting, curating, and showcasing of consumer-generated photos. Now, as brands deploy these images, Bluecore's customer experience platform allows marketers to take immediate action on behavioral data and dynamically populate this fresh content within emails. Through this seamless integration, brands utilizing both Olapic and Bluecore's sophisticated technology can easily include relevant UGC with no additional development work.

"At Living Spaces, we're excited to leverage the partnership between Olapic and Bluecore and extend the use of our visual user-generated content - that has already proven to perform - into our triggered email campaigns," said Pete Franco, Director of eCommerce at Living Spaces. "Our consumers rely on UGC to visualize how our furniture and décor could look in homes just like theirs and this allows us to create more impactful experiences across all of our digital marketing efforts."

"The proliferation of consumer-generated images is changing marketing as consumers seek authentic interactions with the brands they love," said Pau Sabria, co-Founder and CEO of Olapic. "Email with personalized, contextually relevant content outperforms email with generic, stock imagery each and every time. This partnership will help marketers lower their costs while efficiently generating high-quality content at scale." 

From cart, browse, and search abandonment emails to product-specific promotions, brand affinity campaigns, and more, brands leveraging the partnership will benefit from:  

  • Optimized performance: Olapic's predictive, machine-learning algorithm identifies and ranks photos by their expected conversion rate. When combined with Bluecore's real-time view of customer analytics, on-site behavior, and product catalog changes, marketers reap the rewards of contextual emails that drive greater overall conversions.
  • Insights that inform: Add another element to A/B testing in emails. Marketers can test the performance of stock or brand photos against imagery submitted by users by simply changing out dynamic content blocks in the Bluecore Template Editor. Additionally, by comparing email analytics from Bluecore with content analytics from Olapic, marketers gain a better understanding of how content performs across channels. 
  • Twice the expertise: In addition to technology that's proven to perform, both Olapic and Bluecore add a human touch to their processes to ensure maximum performance. Olapic employs a moderation team to ensure marketers are using the best of their on-brand, curated content, while Bluecore's team of engineers works directly with marketers to onboard, launch, and scale email programs. 

"User-generated content helps brands strengthen their communities, increase engagement and drive more conversions. This partnership enables marketers to layer that extremely relevant content into data-driven email campaigns in real-time and without any heavy lifting from their team," said Fayez Mohamood, co-founder and CEO of Bluecore. "It's an incredibly easy and powerful integration of customer data and product catalogs that would historically require an unmanageable amount of resources and time."

About Bluecore

At Bluecore we are empowering marketers to take meaningful, immediate action on behavioral and product data with speed and simplicity. Bluecore's customer experience platform is designed to simplify the process of ingesting and analyzing terabytes of behavioral data to create precise audiences and experiences across channels. Backed by FirstMark Capital and Georgian Partners, Bluecore is one of New York City's fastest growing SaaS start-ups and works with more than 180 customers representing more than 250 high-end apparel, electronics, automotive and other consumer brands. For more information visit

About Olapic

Olapic is the leading visual marketing platform for collecting, curating, permissioning, and showcasing consumer-generated photos across marketing channels. Olapic collects consumer photos and videos from social media sites including Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Tumblr to help brands and retailers significantly increase sales and marketing campaign performance by creating more authentic brand experiences. Olapic is headquartered in New York City with offices in California, Cordoba, Argentina, The United Kingdom, France and Germany. For more information on Olapic, visit

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