DAMASCUS, Md., May 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syndication Inc., (SYNJ.PK), on May 20th, 2016 filed its 2016 1st, Quarter Financial Statement indicating that over the last Three Quarters the Company's stock buyback and rescission program resulted in a net reduction of its I/O (Issued and Outstanding), by -450 Million shares of Common Stock. The BOD then passed resolutions declaring its intent to continue the program through 2016.

Other notes outlined in Section 20 (Subsequent Events) of the 1st Q 2016 financial Filing indicated that on the May 4th, 2016 the CEO requested Board approval on his move for a $2.5 Million independent accountant upgrade on its ARCHER Intellectual Property, increasing the valuation from $1 Million to $3.5 Million coupled with a right down of over $500K of convertible debt referred to in NOTE 4 of the Companies 2015 Year End and 1st, Quarter 2016 Financial Statements. The Company stated that the combination of the two accounting adjustments should bring our Shareholders Equity up to $4 Million meeting the NYSE MKT, (previously known as Alternext), Tier 2 Exchange listing "Shareholders Equity" threshold qualification. The Company noted that the original $5 Million valuation of its ARCHER Intellectual Property was haircut to $1 million by its outside accountants with the caveat of an increase in the valuation provided that the company began to generate sales of the software. A condition, which according to the 1st, Quarter 2016 and 2015 yearend financial filing, was satisfied. The company commented further that it expects to gain an additional $500K in equity as a result of the write down of debt held on the books since initiated in 2005. The CEO noted that the Company was highly confident in gaining relief of the debt as the lending institution had been dissolved as a business and has not made cry for payment against the outstanding balance for a period greater than 7 years. Too, all stock purchase warrants associated to the note have expired and, the Company has never received a "Notification of Assignment".

The BOD noted that the NYSE-MKT Exchange (formally referred to as the ALTERNEXT), was recently retooled to service the growth of small micro-cap companies. They established the initial standards so startup companies like Day TradeXchange and Syndication could meet the relatively achievable benchmarks. The BOD noted that with the accounting adjustments stated, the Company will have met 4 of the 6 initial listing standards required for the MKT Exchange. $4 MM in Stockholders Equity, 400 public Shareholders, 1 MM share public float, and a 2 year operating history, leaving only a $15MM float valuation and a stock price of $3/SH as the final qualifications. A representative of the Company opined that it was the BOD's opinion that these final conditions would be satisfied as the company neared its planned $3 Million ARCHER hedge fund seed financing.

The BOD concluded that reaching the $4 Million Shareholders Equity benchmark, and the Buyback and Rescission Program combined with other recently implemented strategies are effectively altering the Company's financial profile to meet the financial requirements outlined within Tier 2 of the qualification standards for the NYSE-MKT Exchange, (formally referred to as the ALTERNEXT). All prerequisites including a $4 Million valuation requirement, are steadily being achieved. The stock buyback and rescission strategies are designed to gain the equity leverage and stock price levels required to meet the qualification standards of the exchange. These benchmark achievements matched with the addition of a revenue dimension should effectively alter the overall financial profile of the Company, justify an increase in the market valuation of ARCHER and Syndication, and produce a subsequent positive affect on our stock price.

When asked to describe why ARCHER is creating such a buzz in the day trading market, the CEO responded, "take 2 minutes, click the link below and watch todays "Trade of the Day" video on our DTX You Tube page, and then you'll quickly understand", said CEO of Syndication Inc., Sorrentino.

SEE ARCHER IN ACTION; Trade of the Day; on YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy6cbOBL89UpZEC5tKlyeBg


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