NEW YORK and LONDON, June 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Capital markets of today and the future exist in an inter-connected computing world where both form and function must perform seamlessly in secure environments. From the buy-side to the sell-side, regulators to vendors, financial services firms are enabled by the silicon technology that empowers and secures their enterprise. In TABB’s latest research report, “Silicon as a Platform: Empowering the Next Generation of Business,” report author and head of FinTech research Terry Roche explores how the ‘new silicon’ can harness these innovations to securely execute across an ever increasing set of goals and objectives in a mobile virtual world.

As Roche explains in the report, the need for mobility significantly impacts technology considerations for capital markets. Though freed from the desk, workers need to be able to carry the office with them, making the physical form, weight and battery life of mobile devices tremendously important.

“Our research found that capital markets users consistently rank battery life as the most important factor when using mobile devices,” Roche said. “Due to advances in next generation chip-sets, silicon technology has been able to produce power drain reductions at as much as 80 percent, providing significant flexibility for users.”

The TABB report also examines advancements in multi-factor authentication (MFA) security measures.  Improvements in silicon technology allows today’s MFA to be more cost-effective and have broader applications with minimal investment. Silicon advancements are allowing for the mobile worker to utilize better MFA with a true interlocked “defense in depth” process, including knowledge, possession, biometric and location factors. Meanwhile, financial regulations have amplified the drive towards MFA, such as with the consolidated audit trail (CAT) mandate requiring MFA for all logins.  

“The next generation of microprocessors makes mobile and security challenges easier to attain, specifically through multi-factor methods like fingerprint biometrics, rotating PIN systems, Blue Tooth signal authentication and the safe hardware vault within the silicon itself,” says Roche. “Our success in the virtual workforce environment is not possible without layers of protection and authentication and these next-generation silicon capabilities control information, application and machine access in the way we need.”

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