Fort Lauderdale FL, June 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DNA Brands Inc Provides Shareholder update

DNA Brand Inc. is pleased to update shareholders and the public with recent company developments.

Last week CEO Adrian McKenzie was aggressively on the road with an Industry Powerhouse, (somewhat of a mentor, of the beverage business), who has over 30 years of experience in the Beverage Industry. Working and developing relationships in the South Florida convenience store market meeting vendors and distributors. 

In recent weeks the company has received many inquiries regarding  their OTC market status.

"This  week the company was able to hire a bookkeeper  and will be looking   to upload  Q1 2016  Financials, to OTC markets during the week of June 13th 2016. Once the Q1 financials have been uploaded to OTC markets, that will bring the company current once again.  I do everything in my power to keep the company compliant with  OTC Markets guidelines" stated Adrian McKenzie.  

In conjunction many  shareholders have expressed curiosity regarding the status of the recent batch sample products.

"We are actively tasting, testing and  working with our scientific team at Parkside Beverage on getting product to the marketplace. We  are taking definite steps to get it set up to satisfy both the public and shareholders in general.  We also have been in negotiations with one of the largest marketing firms in the country, to coordinate our 4th quarter relaunch of product into retail" said Adrian McKenzie

“Shareholder loyalty is very important to myself and DNA Brands. This is a two way street. The company must have loyalty to shareholders as they have had to the company.”

To address a vital issue that has been a topic of concern to shareholders regarding rumors of a pending reverse split, CEO Adrian McKenzie stated the following:

"My goal  here is to build a brand, and to build,  not only a loyal consumer base but loyal shareholders as well.  Being a former finance person, I  can appreciate   and acknowledge the above mentioned concern.   The issue has come up several times regarding the possibility of a reverse split. In that regard, I want to state publicly and firmly, there is no reverse split on the table.   Usually companies chose  to  utilize a  reverse split,  as a last option when  the stock is  illiquid  and capital can no longer be raised.  That is not the case with  DNA brands.  Both our creditors and shareholders, have been very supportive and continue to provide funding and support to the company.    At the moment I am currently raising money to purchase product. In addition, trying to create  a market where the stock can trade consistently at higher levels.  If I can build a loyal shareholder base and have my shareholders own the majority of the public float of the company, they in essence can control their own fate with DNA Brands.  I encourage that.  I  in turn can concentrate on building the company. I would rather have One Hundred loyal shareholders, who see  the value and opportunity in my company,   than   Ten Thousand short sighted stock flippers, who are only interested on making a quick buck on the backs of others,  any day of the week!”

Finally DNA wanted to assure the public and shareholders that it intends to provide updates going forward on a more regular basis.

"I look forward to updating our shareholders and the public with many new, and exciting sales and distribution opportunities.

About DNA Brands Inc: DNA Brands, Inc. produces, markets, and sells carbonated blends of energy drinks in the United States. The company is a Two Time Winner of the World’s best tasting energy drinks (2010, 2012). The company currently owns intellectual property of eight flavors and blends, of which the company is concentrating on the four most popular blends to intergrat  back into  the retail market near term.

DNA Brands would like to thank shareholders for their continued loyalty and to  expect another PR next week  and on a weekly basis as  developments continue.


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