KIRKLAND, Wash., June 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enom (, the world’s second-largest domain registrar, offering domain name registration and related services to resellers, officially launched its revitalized retail experience in a major series of improvements to its developer platform. The changes affect over 14 million domains handled through Enom’s channel of partners and resellers, as well as directly through the company’s retail interface.

Customers can expect a more modern user experience at, with clean, intuitive layouts, and improved shopping cart functionality to guide them through the purchasing process. Additional improvements to are scheduled to be implemented throughout 2016, including more robust domain management tools and control panels. With over 3.8 million unique users per year relying on, features are expected to be introduced piece by piece, in order to maintain the stability and security users expect from modern registrars.

The changes to the design of reflect the vastly different base of customers than existed in 1997 when Enom was founded. Since then, consumer trends toward mobile devices, cloud computing, and streaming have altered expectations. Enom customers can now self-select the features and feel of the site that matches their desired goals, whether it’s standing up a mobile-friendly website, investing in domain names, or setting themselves up as a domain reseller.

“A good platform should be many things to many people,” says Jason Silverstein, VP Product & Engineering. “The new Enom both simplifies how our customers partner with us, and builds upon the powerful solutions we've been developing for nearly 20 years.”

Developer-centric platform

As a registrar, Enom has a healthy channel of approximately 28,000 resellers, affiliates, and partners offering domains (including most new generic top-level domains) and value-added services. Eighty percent of Enom’s domains under management come through the API platform shared among many of these resellers. In addition to the end-user improvements at, large-scale upgrades to the developer experience will be introduced throughout the year.

“We’re enabling our partners to utilize a wider range of solutions by making our platform more flexible and lightweight,” says Silverstein. “The modernizations we’re implementing upstream will save development time and effort for everyone that utilizes the Enom API platform.”

Enom’s new Developer Hub is the first of the major upgrades to go live this year. It serves as a central knowledge base for developers of all experience levels, delivering a modern, collaborative space to learn and experiment with the Enom API in order to integrate the platform with their own products. Unlike a static help page or FAQ, the Developer Hub is a flexible, living forum for today’s developers to foster expertise in the API in a way that makes sense for them.

The Developer Hub joins the newly introduced API tokens feature (adding increased security and convenience), to the planned implementation of modular UI components (widgets) which resellers will be able to leverage to build their own interfaces. In a future product release, improved data analysis and sharing will be extended to the channel to help resellers monetize domain products, as well as grow the overall domain industry.

About Enom

As one of the world’s largest wholesale domain name registrars, Enom offers domain registration and related services to a network of approximately 28,000 active reseller partners. Partners rely on Enom to conduct or complement their business objectives, whether new to the market or an established organization.

Enom is a part of Rightside Group (Nasdaq:NAME), a leading domain name services company. The company offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive platforms for the discovery, registration, development, and monetization of domain names.

Acacia Krebs
Director, Corporate Communications