TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - July 14, 2016) - QTemp™ is a smart sun safety wearable. It syncs to a companion app which offers a number of features that make it easy to spend time outdoors without worrying about sun exposure.

Too much UV radiation can cause sunburn, allergic reactions, premature aging, and skin cancer. These repercussions have taxing effects on confidence as well as health. Overexposure is largely preventable, but it remains widespread -- one American dies from skin cancer every hour. QTemp aims to help people live healthier lives by educating them on how to best protect their skin from dangerous UV rays.

"The general public is aware of the dangers of overexposure, yet people experience more sun damage than you may think," said Dr. Neda Ghazi, co-founder of Comfable Inc., makers of QTemp. "The best part of the experience so far has been hearing the positive feedback from parents who want to let their children spend time outside, but also prevent them from getting sunburned. It's rewarding to know that we've provided a solution that makes their lives easier."

The QTemp app displays weather data in an easy-to-read format. It estimates Time to Burn, which lets users know how much time is left until they'll start to develop a sunburn. Time to Burn is personalized based on the user's skin type, environmental setting, and the measured UV index. QTemp provides customized sun safety tips, including how much sunscreen to use based on height, weight and clothing choice, and a range of weather forecasts for cities across the world. The app also has a Sun Time countdown, which counts down until sunrise and sunset, helping users to plan out their sun protection.

QTemp is designed for on-the-go use and can be attached to the user's collar, belt, handbag, swimsuit, or other personal item. The device is water resistant, making it ideal for daily use. QTemp also allows users to share weather information with friends via SMS or social media, and add unique weather filters to their photos. Users can also contribute to the QTemp Map, which displays the accurate temperatures of both indoor and outdoor locations across the world. Parents can manage and view data for the whole family's QTemps using the Profile feature.

"We can't wait until everyone can start benefiting from QTemp," said Neda. "We're looking forward to helping put an end to the skyrocketing rates of skin cancer."

While preparing for their official launch in September, Comfable has released QTemp Lite, which is available on the App Store and Google Play. It features the same functionality as QTemp, except for the social features and sunscreen amount estimate, and it uses third-party weather data. To date QTemp has received upwards of $50,000 in pre-orders, which includes their extremely successful Kickstarter campaign with almost 700 backers, in only 2 months. It is available for pre-order at and on Indiegogo now and will ship in September 2016.

About Comfable Inc.
Comfable Inc. is based at the University of Toronto's Impact Centre. Comfable values health and comfort, which fosters the development of QTemp. QTemp integrates hardware and software to encourage sun safe behaviour.

About the Impact Centre
The Impact Centre is a research institute at the University of Toronto that strives to bring science to society through industry projects and partnerships, entrepreneurial companies, and unique training programs. We connect exceptional research, talent, innovative companies, and government to create products and services both for existing industry partners and as the basis for startups.

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