DNA Brands Inc., would like to announce to it's shareholders and the public
on the topics that will be discussed in it's upcoming conference call to be
held on August 10, 2016.

Some pertinent issues to be addressed will include the following:

1) Aquisitions.
2) Relaunch of the brand.
3) Defining the direction of Dna Brands Inc., from this point forward.
4) How DNA will be diversifying in addition to it's energy drink line.
5) Positioning DNA Brands Inc., to allocate resources from acquired (revenues)
and getting the DNA energy drink back into retail.
6) Creditors.

DNA Brands CEO Adrian McKenzie stated: "I am excited for the upcoming conference call
and look forward to both outlining and discussing upcoming future plans and aquisitions
for this company!"

Finally, regarding the OTC markets in general Adrian McKenzie stated the following: "The
OTC Markets have a notorious reputation for companies making empty promises and leaving
shareholders high and dry. This company will NOT be one of those. I look forward too and
hope that everyone who is able will listen to my conference call that will be held on August 10, 2016.
I encourage anyone who has questions to email us at:"



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