CLEVELAND, OHIO, Aug. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cleveland businessman and former mayoral candidate Ken Lanci has been named Chairman of Give America Better PAC, according to the PAC's executive director, David Allen. Lanci is set to lead the charge for the SuperPAC's efforts to support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"We are thrilled that Mr. Lanci has agreed to chair this cause," said Allen. "A devoted public servant, Ken Lanci has dedicated his life to improving the lives of his fellow citizens. As a businessman, he understands the importance of electing Donald Trump and what that will mean for job growth in our community. He is exactly the kind of person—thinking of country over party—who is most capable of sharing the importance of electing Donald Trump as our next president."

The SuperPAC is focused entirely on swing voters in northeast Ohio, the voters who ultimately will determine this election.

"I am a lifelong Democrat, but when I look at the proposals put forth by the candidates, it is Donald Trump who offers the greatest hope for our nation," said Lanci. "My passion is to see the lives of people improved with jobs and opportunities abound, as well as the security of our country. Donald Trump stands with the people of northeast Ohio, and his proposals are what will grow our economy, promote American values and keep our country safe."

Lanci is ready for the task. He has spent the last 45 years as a business owner and turnaround specialist for dozens of companies, saving or creating thousands of good-paying American jobs. Lanci is a committed philanthropist and the author of the book "Working for the Greater Good of All… Really! As a Democrat My Journey of Faith Has Led Me to Support a Republican, Donald Trump."

"Supporting Donald Trump is for the greater good of all," added Lanci. "Hillary Clinton has proven we cannot trust her. She stands on the wrong side on trade, immigration and national security. I believe wholeheartedly that Donald Trump will make America great again and I am excited to be a part of a focused effort aimed at reaching the voters needed to elect a leader who is right at this time in our history."

The Give America Better PAC is focused exclusively on electing Donald Trump and is operated by political strategists who have been at the center of some of our nation's most significant political upsets, according to Lanci.

Contributions can be made at or by sending a check to Give America Better PAC, PO Box 226, Tallmadge, OH 44278. For inquiries, contact Cole Muzio at 330-510-0553 or

Ken Lanci