Proven contextual DLP approach prevents data leaks, protects sensitive data, and helps businesses comply with regulations: all without reducing productivity.

NEWTON, N.C., Sept. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Safetica Technologies, a leading provider of data loss prevention (DLP) software with roots in Europe, announced today its company launch in North America. Safetica’s DLP software is built from the ground up with the small to midsize business in mind, unlike other companies that make complex, expensive DLP software designed exclusively for the enterprise. It is easy to use, helps businesses of all sizes comply with regulations, and Safetica North America provides the support businesses need before and after deployment at no charge.

Safetica protects files based on how they are used. This contextual approach to DLP makes it easy to configure, install, and manage data in ways that don’t reduce productivity but immediately protect sensitive data. Safetica Technologies already actively prevents data breaches and theft in more than 50 countries around the world for companies such as BMW Invelt, Coca-Cola Sabco, Telekom Malaysia, and Scanu Travel.

Safetica is designed to be highly intuitive for companies that do not have a large IT staff or highly developed data protection and security expertise. This makes it easier for businesses to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI security standards. The software is also easy to manage once installed. Using a cloud-based dashboard interface, managers can monitor how data is accessed and transferred on all local, external, network, and cloud services, company-wide.

“Every business large or small has a responsibility and need to protect customer and confidential data from leaving their organization. At Safetica, we're making sure the mid-market and small businesses of the world can access the technology and expert support they need to do just that,” said Luke Walling, general manager of Safetica North America.

The benefits of using Safetica are evident: 87% of employees leave with company data; $7 million is the average cost for one data breach; and 100% of companies share business-related data unsafely. Adding to the challenge, over 80% of all confidential data is not set up to let content-based DLP solutions know what kind of data is inside. This means that most DLP installations require data analysis to collect, sort, and restructure the data before companies can protect it, adding cost and time to the process.

“We believe we can have a major impact in North America and put small to midsize businesses at ease in terms of data loss prevention by providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution with free technical support,” said Petr Zikes, CEO of Safetica. “Our team is available by email, chat, and phone to help set up Safetica, review the data, and protect what’s important—at no extra charge—so all organizations can comply with regulations and protect their businesses with greater ease, regardless of their size.”

Four Unique Benefits to using Safetica

Safetica offers several benefits, including:

  • Prevention of sensitive data from being shared inappropriately or accidentally: Even good employees make costly mistakes. Safetica employs encryption to render files useless to outsiders should they escape via email, laptop, thumb drive, phone, or other device. Your team still works naturally. Safetica Mobile allows businesses to lock and wipe any lost or stolen devices remotely, as well as protect data on BYOD devices.

  • We spot risky behaviors before they become risks, potentially saving entire businesses in the process: Safetica identifies employees’ high-risk behaviors, and also pinpoints high achievers. It is capable of spotting when people become disengaged with a company and are ready to quit and potentially do harmful things, such as stealing sensitive data and taking it to a competitor. Employees may be searching for jobs online or spending more time on sites such as Facebook and YouTube versus using company applications. Safetica brings together web and application usage statistics to pinpoint high risk behaviors, saving your company from the potential disastrous consequences of data theft or data leaks before they occur.

  • Alerts: Business managers know not just when and where there are data leaks, but can foresee them in advance. Even non-technical people can understand how data is being used through Safetica’s easy-to-use dashboard and then protect the data while keeping people in the company productive.

  • Free support to get up and running: Safetica starts by providing free risk assessments and data audits to help identify how people are using data and where businesses are most vulnerable.   

Pricing and Availability

Safetica is available immediately. Visit for a free evaluation, supported free by our team of experts. Pricing starts as low as $46 per endpoint per year for small and midsize businesses.

Partnerships are important: Value added resellers and managed services providers can sign up online to offer Safetica technology to their customers at

About Safetica

Since 2009, Safetica has been building data loss prevention (DLP) software to protect data in not just the enterprise, but also the world’s small and medium sized businesses. Safetica’s software is unique because it is easy to use, protects data against theft and mistakes while letting users work naturally, helps all businesses large and small comply with regulations, and is supported at no cost with the service levels businesses demand and deserve. Learn more at

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