SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wingz, a peer-to-peer private car service that offers pre-scheduled, flat-rate rides with a trusted personal driver, today announced that it is expanding its service beyond airports in all cities in which it operates. Now riders can pre-book their own private driver to take them around town at a flat-rate, surge-free price.

“As Wingz has continued to grow in 2016, we’ve been asked time and again whether we offer rides to places other than the airport. Today I’m happy to announce that the answer to that question is a resounding yes,” said Chris Brandon, CEO Wingz. “We’re excited to offer Wingz beyond airports in all of the cities where we currently operate, and we look forward to providing new riders with the superior customer experience our airport travelers have come to expect.”

For its non-airport rides, Wingz offers the same popular pre-booked, flat-rate service with a trusted personal driver that has fueled the company’s continued growth. Unlike other rideshare companies, Wingz is not an on-demand service. Bookings should be made on the Wingz app at least two hours before pickup time for airport rides and 30 minutes to 2 hours in advance for non-airport rides, depending on the market. This ensures that come pick-up time, the driver will be waiting for the passenger and not the other way around. While there is no minimum distance for a Wingz trip, the minimum one-way fare ranges from $15-25.

“My elderly parents live 30 miles away. When they have medical appointments, it is hard for me to pick them up, take them to a doctor, and then drive them back home,” says Norm Git, Wingz user. “Using Wingz for rides around town will help a lot: it’s fantastic that I can now book a ride for them in advance so they won’t be anxious about last-minute arrangements.”

Additionally, the “My Favorite Driver” feature on the Wingz App allows riders to request their favorite drivers.  Riders can build and prioritize their list of favorite previous drivers over time. When a booking is made, the favorite drivers are automatically requested first, increasing the rider’s chances of seeing a familiar face waiting to pick them up.

Wingz service beyond the airport was first introduced in May 2016 in Austin, Texas, after Uber and Lyft ceased operations due to a dispute with the city over fingerprinting drivers. Wingz expedited its pilot of the new service to help stranded travelers and found that it was a win-win as riders had a trusted transportation option, while drivers had an additional revenue stream. In addition to airport rides, Austin riders have used the Wingz pre-scheduled service for everything from commutes and business meetings to doctor’s appointments and nights out on the town.

“This service is going to be great for me and my business,” says Sayeed Sarwari, Wingz Driver. “Most of my rides are from people who have me on their Favorite Drivers list, so I’m really excited to be able to provide rides to these people when they just need to get around town.”

Wingz now operates in 12 cities and 19 airports across the United States. For more information about Wingz, visit

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Wingz is a peer-to-peer private car service that offers pre-scheduled, flat-rate rides with a trusted personal driver, and allows you to request favorite drivers you’ve had in the past.  The Wingz app-based scheduling platform connects travelers with local drivers for a seamless and personal airport travel experience, free of surge pricing and other surprises. Wingz drivers are handpicked, vetted and provided with a $1M liability insurance policy. Backed by Expedia, Altimeter Capital, and CEO Marc Benioff, Wingz has become the trusted airport ride service of choice for more than 20,000 frequent business and leisure travelers. To book your next ride, download our app or visit

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