Alma Media Corporation                                   Stock exchange
release          24 October 2016 at 4.40 pm (EEST)


Alma Media has a currently effective lease agreement with DNB Bank ASA on the
office and production facility at Patamäenkatu 7 in Tampere. On 24 October 2016,
Alma Media announced to use the interruption option included in the agreement
and redeeming the property. The acquisition will be financed and the property
recorded on Alma Media’s balance sheet in October 2017 and the value of the
transaction is EUR 14.5 million.

The excluded rental expenses from this deal and the depreciations arising from
it are approximately of the same size. The rental commitment related to the
lease agreement is discussed in Alma Media’s liabilities. The property is the
old office and printing facility of Aamulehti, and it is currently fully rented
out. The lease ratio of the property is 80 per cent. The gross leasable area of
the property is 18,500 sqm.

Rauno Heinonen
Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

Distribution: NASDAQ Helsinki, main media,

For more information, please contact:
Juha Nuutinen, CFO, telephone +358 (0)10 665 3873
Alma Media in brief

Alma Media is a media company focusing on the service business and journalistic
content. The company’s best-known brands are Kauppalehti, Talouselämä,
Affärsvärlden, Iltalehti, Aamulehti, Uusi Suomi, and Monster. Alma
Media builds sustainable growth for its customers by utilising the opportunities
of digitality, including information services, system and expert services and
advertising solutions. Alma Media’s operations have expanded from Finland to the
Nordic countries, the Baltics and Central Europe. Alma Media employs
approximately 2,400 professionals (excluding delivery personnel), of whom
approximately 30% work outside Finland. Alma Media’s revenue in 2015 was EUR
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