PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - December 07, 2016) - Customized Energy Solutions, Ltd. (CES) now provides services to Distributed Resource Energy Providers at the CAISO as highlighted in the CAISO's informational filing with FERC on November 30 in Docket ER16-1085. The new CAISO market entity, the Distributed Energy Resource Provider (DERP), is a means to integrate distributed resources into the CAISO at a lower cost and with more efficiency. As California transitions to a 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard by 2030, CES is eager to be a leader in the implementation of market design changes that better facilitate participation by distributed resources on the California ISO grid such as the DERP.

CES currently provide market-focused services across the electricity supply chain in North America for conventional generation, retail load, demand response, and energy storage. CES currently manages over 6,000 MW of resources through the 24/7 Market Operations Center, which include conventional and renewable generation, load, demand response and over 100 MWs of advanced energy storage. In California, CES provides Scheduling Coordinator services to renewable generation, load, and demand response resources and will soon begin scheduling one of the first grid-connected batteries within the CAISO.

Mike McGuffin, CES's Director of Wholesale Services for California states, "CES's vision is to promote the development of transparent and efficient markets and strives to play a significant role as CAISO and other markets evolve toward a more distributed landscape."

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