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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Dec. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Santa Fe Gold Corporation (OTC:SFEG), a U.S.-based mining and exploration enterprise with emphasis on Gold, Silver, Copper, Precious, Industrial and base metals and owner of multiple claims, including the Malone Mines Complex incorporating 20 associated mine sites and in addition, the Playas Lake Bed area of Hidalgo County, New Mexico is pleased to announce the publication of a 156 page research report, written by Wall Street's leading micro-cap research firm, Cohen Grassroots Research, Inc. The report's initial share price target is $0.31 cents.

The report states that Santa Fe Gold (OTC:SFEG) is a US based exploration, acquisition and mining company. The company analyzes and acquires sought after economically viable properties for mining gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and other precious and base metals as well as rare earths.

Santa Fe Gold's highly experienced exploration and acquisition team has been extremely active. The company recently acquired and now controls or owns approximately 53 million tons of valuable gold, silver, copper, precious and base metals and also some titanium ores. Titanium is used extensively in aerospace manufacturing and has other numerous high technology and industrial applications and currently sells for upwards of $2,000 per ton.

The Company is also currently in advanced negotiations to acquire several additional accretive and highly coveted properties, including high grade tailings and other exceptionally rich ore bodies as part of its ongoing exploration and acquisitions program, as well as substantial milling capacity and other infrastructure, as yet unannounced.  

The restructured company's new focus is to unlock the enormous production potential of Southwestern New Mexico and South East Arizona in particular, focusing on areas containing some of the highest grade mineralization anywhere in the World and where some 80% of all the gold in New Mexico has been known to exist, a large part of which it already controls. Within a very short time over just the past four months, the company has assembled an unprecedented portfolio of assets, as part of its rollup plan to continually increase and compound values for the longer term.

The company has unique and proprietary knowledge of a number of not widely known about, hidden assets and rare values in many of these deposits and mines. It also has the multi-decade experience necessary to bring together the right milling, concentrating capacity and infrastructure necessary to produce Gold and Silver on an industrial scale to generate substantially compounding revenues for the longer term from multiple mine sources, with mine lives measured in decades rather than years.

SFEG intends to announce additional notably high value acquisitions, continuing to add major tonnage and build future volumes through the acquisition and development of these properties, adding additional infrastructure at appropriate stages of growth.

Cohen Grassroots Research, led by CEO D. Paul Cohen, is generally considered to be Wall Street's Gold standard micro-cap research firm in terms of quality, depth and comprehensive academic securities analysis and goes into meticulous detail. 

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About Santa Fe Gold 

Santa Fe Gold is a U.S.-based mining and exploration enterprise and owns the following mining assets: The Knight’s Peak region of Grant County, New Mexico comprising the Malone Mines, Patanka, Hillcrest Barranca and Principal Mines altogether incorporating some twenty mine sites and all located at Knight’s Peak together with an extensive expanded area surrounding the Malone Mines in the southern region of Burro Mountains, New Mexico. It also owns multiple claims in the Playas area of Hidalgo County, New Mexico. The company has also acquired considerable additional resources expected to be announced in due course.

Santa Fe’s Exploration and Development Team continues to analyze a number of attractive, economically viable opportunities and execute on the company's acquisition program that should enable resumption of mining and production operations soon.

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Forward Looking Statements

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Frank Mueller, CFO