Columbus, Ohio , Dec. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LBC Marketing Group of Columbus, Ohio has set grand, and assuredly attainable goals for 2017. Lead by Director of Operations and Buckeye Alumni, Larry Carey, the company is projected to triple in size this upcoming year.

Currently LBC Marketing Group boasts three locations across the Columbus area and is expected to end the year with nine locations by maintaining a high standard of excellence for their clients.

The best in class customer service that LBC Marketing Group provides their clients isn’t the only aspect of LBC’s business practices revolutionizing the entertainment industry in Ohio. The company also offers a proven training process for their incoming associates.

Larry explains, “When I graduated from Ohio State, companies offering ‘entry level’ jobs in the area required a minimum of two years of applicable experience in the field. Of course, most of the graduates from my class, including myself, did not yet have that hands on experience. In order to curb those undesirable circumstances, I founded LBC Marketing Group on the value of providing that opportunity to graduates and entrepreneurs alike.”

LBC Marketing Group is currently seeking ten entry-level candidates with leadership qualities and teamwork abilities to undertake an extensive training process. The process is two-fold and offers classroom and infield training in order to accommodate individuals across learning styles. The first order of business for LBC Marketing Group in 2017 is to streamline the training process in order to boost growth and productivity across the nation.

Looking to the near future, an expansion into another state seems imminent. Larry says, “We have been able to prove our value to our clients over the last few months, thus opening larger and incredibly profitable doors.”

Through the training LBC Marketing Group offers, the company plans to hone in on individuals with exceptional leadership and business management skills in order to capitalize on the growth opportunities presented in the first quarter of 2017.


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