NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Last night, Kirkland and Ellis hosted Youth INC and News Corp for a Town Hall to unveil a cutting edge guide, "The Art & Science of Effective Youth Programs.” The guide was created by Algorhythm, with support from Youth INC and News Corp.

Keisha Smith, Chief Human Resource Officer and Head of Philanthropy, explained that News Corp sought to create an innovative guide to best practices so that all youth-serving organizations could benefit from approaches that have been proven to work. "Our commitment to the community is driven by the values of our business: we strive to be passionate, principled, and purposeful in all that we do,” said Ms. Smith.

“We are a company known for charting new courses, and that spirit motivates our work with non-profit organizations as we look for the pioneers, the innovators, the risk-takers who want to create change on behalf of those in need,” said Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp.

John Waldron, Co-Head of Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and Co-Chair of Youth INC’s Board of Directors, stated "We are grateful for the support of News Corp in funding this important study that will inform not just the 63 nonprofits currently in the Youth INC partner network, but youth development organizations nationwide."

Jon Weiss, President of Wells Fargo Securities and member of Youth INC's National Advisory Board, opened the evening by thanking the nonprofit leaders in the room for their hard work on the front lines in our community. Weiss went on to say “Wells Fargo could not be more proud to champion the advancement of youth development practices through our support of Youth INC.”

Through its Youth Development Impact Learning System (YDiLS), Algorhythm mined data from 27 organizations, 80 programs and more than 3,000 youth, using cutting-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics to understand the various recipes that predict a youth’s success in out-of-school programs. "The study revealed something truly exciting: thirteen amazing programs were significantly outperforming their peers—with twice the outcome gains in social emotional learning," said Kim Sabo Flores, CEO of Algorhythm. "We found that while strong activities and curricula - the 'what' we do -make a difference, it’s really 'how' we do youth development that drives impact."

"The Art & Science of Effective Youth Programs" details the data-driven practices driving these gains and illustrates practical examples from four case study organizations. The guide provides youth-serving organizations with practical data-driven tips and strategies for program improvement. 

About Algorhythm
Algorhythm is an “impact science” company that combines rigorous research and evaluation methods, next generation analytics, and real-time technologies to deliver accurate and actionable insights to social change agents.  Algorhythm’s overarching philosophy and approach is best characterized as participatory and focused on targeted and sustainable learning.  We empower nonprofit leaders, front-line staff, and youth by equipping them with sustained knowledge, tools, and learning processes that will help them improve their programs and effectively tell their stories with data. We work with philanthropies, nonprofits, social impact companies and government agencies to build and evolve:

  • Predictive and prescriptive data analytic models for social outcomes;
  • Accurate and ever-improving case assessment and planning tools for front line change agents, etc.;
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation systems for leaders and managers; and
  • Impact learning networks, where sector-specific data, metrics, lessons and best practices can be rapidly shared, improved upon and/or adopted by stakeholders.  

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About Youth INC
Youth INC’s mission is to transform the lives of NYC youth by empowering the organizations that serve them. We are a network of over 63 youth-serving organizations representing 300,000 young people. We use a rigorous screening process to identify the most promising grassroots youth-serving organizations and help them develop robust fundraising capabilities, build a strong board of directors, and establish metrics to improve their programs and demonstrate their impact. Our partners experience an average revenue increase of more than 170% and increase the number of youth served by over 160%.  Our metrics program indicates that 77% of youth surveyed report significant improvements in character development, self-esteem and tenacity – which together drive improved academic performance and reduced risk behavior – or THRIVING YOUTH!  Since 1995, we have raised over $65 million to transform over 140 youth-serving organizations. Get involved and help us Raise Our City!

For more information, please contact:
Katrina Huffman, Youth INC
(212) 401- 4051
Kim Sabo Flores, PhD, Algorhythm
(917) 817-1841