New machine learning products enhance loyalty programs and mass marketing promotions by automating data and prediction-driven decisions

TORONTO, Jan. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rubikloud, a leading machine intelligence platform for enterprise retailers, has launched Customer LifeCycle Manager and Promotion Manager - part of their suite of cloud based decision management tools. These work to catapult retailers’ loyalty programs and large scale promotions to the next level, while contributing directly to the bottom and top line performance of retail organizations. Both of these tools are rooted in machine learning performed at scale and have been deployed against production data sets measured in hundreds of terabytes.  

Rubikloud’s Customer LifeCycle Manager tool enhances a retailer's loyalty program by creating highly curated, programmatic experiences that facilitate growth in key product categories through insights derived from big data collected from online and offline touchpoints. Promotion Manager, on the other hand, is specifically suited for category management and helps merchandisers boost the promotion process through the creation and optimization of promotion and sales plans. Together, these tools provide retailers with integrated, efficient and prediction-driven marketing and promotion strategies.

Customer LifeCycle Manager

Rubikloud’s machine learning library powers Customer LifeCycle Manager (CLM) to predict and plan for customer behavior before it happens. The product seamlessly integrates with the execution layer of existing marketing automation tools, such as those offered by IBM, Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle. Its automated exploration capabilities enable customer-centric organizations to optimize their tactics and achieve double-digit incremental sales targets in the near term, while simultaneously growing customer value in the long term. Through CLM, customers receive a tailored shopping experience that is unmatched.

“As a large retailer, you’ve likely spent tens to hundreds of millions of dollars investing in your loyalty program and CRM,” says Kerry Liu, CEO of Rubikloud. “The Customer LifeCycle Manager allows you to capitalize on this investment by optimizing and growing your loyalty revenue. A machine learning system is key to a curated retail experience that can effectively move customers up the value chain through automated approaches to testing and learning. The tool goes far beyond the level of loyalty that the average personalization tool provides, achieving maximum topline growth and bottom line optimization for their business.”

Promotion Manager

By forecasting outcomes of promotional decisions before going to market, Rubikloud’s Promotion Manager saves retailers time and money. The solution integrates with existing merchandising systems and uses machine learning technology to forecast the optimal allocation of various price and promotion levers down to the individual store and product level. Promotion Manager allows retailers to optimize their promotion timing and mix in order to effectively allocate trade spend, reduce stock-outs and lower operational overhead through process automation.

“Rubikloud’s Promotion Manager focuses heavily on integrating with existing enterprise software, equipping retailers to improve and accelerate execution and workflow,” explains Liu. “Leveraging the operational capabilities of current systems such as Oracle Retek and Microsoft Dynamics ensures that Promotion Manager generates double-digit improvements in forecast accuracy and stock-outs that are immediately useable and actionable by its users.”

Collectively, these new tools leverage RubiCore, Rubikloud’s enterprise data platform, transforming what were once lengthy, cumbersome and static deployments of enterprise software into a modern, scalable, as-a-service model. RubiCore’s underlying distributed and elastic infrastructure unlocks the benefits of quickly and iteratively deploying enterprise software, while providing the foundation to continuously learn and enhance the performance of the underlying machine learning algorithms. This translates into ever-increasing ROI through the lifetime of Promotion Manager and LifeCycle Manager by incorporating the latest algorithmic innovations by Rubikloud’s machine learning teams and the exploration of both structured and unstructured, first and third party data sources.

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About Rubikloud
Rubikloud is a leading machine intelligence platform for enterprise retailers. Rubikloud sits at the intersection of an enterprise software revolution, in which embedded machine learning, industry specific decision engines, and elastic cloud compliant architectures will be at the forefront of all future enterprise software systems. Rubikloud’s big-data architecture gathers retailer data from both legacy and new online and offline systems. This data is then used to help retailers make tangible actions that grow their loyalty revenue, promotion forecast accuracy, and merchandising profitability. The Toronto-based company works with more than a dozen global, multi-billion dollar retailers across 7 countries.

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