DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Jan 31, 2017) - Subsentio, the CALEA Compliance Company®, today announces the world's first suite of legal compliance solutions serving both U.S. and European communications service providers. Subsentio has secured contracts with two large U.S. communications companies whose networks extend to foreign markets.

Using Subsentio's international solutions, service providers that expand their networks to other countries now have a proven partner to ensure compliance with multiple law enforcement assistance mandates at once. American network operators that conform to the lawful surveillance standards of the U.S. Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) may retain Subsentio to satisfy the counterpart statutes of European nations and other markets. U.S. service providers equipped to manage law enforcement requests for records production may also use Subsentio to meet the strict data retention requirements of the E.U.

At the same time, European service providers may now outsource their US law enforcement assistance functions to Subsentio. Subsentio is widely respected among law enforcement agencies and industry competitors for its expertise in the U.S. statutes governing lawful surveillance and records production.

"Acts of international crime and terrorism require swift, coordinated response across borders," said Steve Bock, CEO of Subsentio. "By expanding our lawful intercept and data retention solutions to Europe, Subsentio is taking an important step toward ensuring legal compliance with lawful intercept requirements that support public safety around the world."

"Service providers that expand globally can be caught in a web of complex lawful intercept requirements that tie up business resources and lead to significant outlays for technical and legal support," said Marcus Thomas, Subsentio CTO and former Assistant Director/Technology of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. "With Subsentio international services, it is now easy for service providers to outsource this job to a one-stop shop that delivers reliable, cost-effective compliance with law enforcement demands in multiple countries."

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Subsentio, the CALEA Compliance Company®, provides total solutions for records production and compliance with surveillance laws including the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. Subsentio's CALEA Compliance Bureau model is unique in the industry, providing all components essential to compliance with the law, including outstanding technology, legal expertise, and direct experience in law enforcement. The company is based in Centennial, Colorado.

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