ADDISON, Texas, Feb. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers was founded in 2009 when CEO and President Chad Glauser’s father, Jerry, encouraged him to start a business in fast-casual dining. The mission of Jerry Built is to make food that tastes great, with integrity. They serve the freshest, all-natural ingredients sourced from sustainable, local farmers and ranchers. Jerry Built believes in the importance of providing a superior fast-casual dining customer experience, and in 2014 they partnered with Long Range Systems to install Table Tracker in all of their locations.

The customer service experience at Jerry Built was 
at one time, very different. "Early on, customers were served their burgers in a bag with their name on it. We called out their name and they came to the counter," said Glauser. "Once we decided that we wanted to mesh the fine dining experience with quick service, we knew we needed a better system."

After experiencing Table Tracker at another establishment and doing thorough research, Glauser and the Jerry Built team moved forward with LRS' Table Tracker system.

"After installing Table Tracker, the benefits to the customer experience were clear - no more calling out people's names, customers can sit down and not have to get up and get anything, and they're getting their food faster," said Glauser.

Jerry Built also found that a byproduct of implementing Table Tracker was the opportunity to do more direct marketing at tables. "Now when customers sit down, they are more likely to engage with us. For example, we have a Super Bowl ticket giveaway - to enter, they log onto our WiFi hotspot and opt into receiving communications from Jerry Built."

Table Tracker gained a positive reaction from Jerry Built staff members for several reasons. "Our 
previous way was inefficient, so our staff welcomed the change," said Glauser. "They don't have to wander to find a table number because Table Tracker already tells them where the customer is. Another result we noticed is that our staff started getting tipped more for clearing tables - which they like."

"We knew we wanted to improve our customer experience and still maintain quality finished product. The Table Tracker system was the right fit to help us toward achieving those goals," said Glauser.

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