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Climeon Chief Revenue Officer Christopher Engman on Mega Deals, Fighting Global Climate Change With Sir Richard Branson, and the Importance of Proof

  • The Importance of Mega Deals
  • The Big Problem with Multi-Touch Attribution Models
  • Why Proof is what CMOs Need Now

PHOENIX, March 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Christopher Engman, Proof advisor, global #megadeals expert and CRO / CMO of the high-growth Swedish envirotech firm Climeon AB, is passionate about a lot of things, but making a big difference is his Number One Goal.

“That’s why I joined Climeon,” said Engman. “We’re helping to fight global climate change by transforming vast amounts of wasted low-temperature heat from various industrial processes into clean, inexpensive electricity.  Our deals are often mega deals with companies like Sir Richard Branson’s new cruise line, Virgin Voyages. Mega deals take a much longer time to close, and it’s critical for us to know which of our investments are creating the desired ripple effect in our audience and in specific situations.”

“Proof is a very powerful attribution analytics platform that helps marketers to establish their business impact and financial value. It’s like nothing else I’ve seen,” Engman continued.  “I see a lot of martech, and I’ve worked with a lot of marketing analytics companies that are trying to get attribution right in the B2B space. Multi-touch attribution models have many problems, but the biggest from a business perspective is that too many of them are using self-weighted attribution models.  This invariably introduces powerful bias into the results. In addition, most marketers never go back and compute whether the model was accurate.”

Engman concluded: “Proof is the first analytics software company to actually compute attribution using time-lagged correlations delivered via an easy-to-use self-service platform.  Using your own data, you can calculate what parts of marketing are producing the biggest returns.  You also can compute attribution across sales, marketing, communications, customer support, or another function that’s relevant to your business.  You can even look at relative levels of individual contribution within teams, or within teams of teams, towards a larger objective.  And they have a huge collection of marketing analytics ‘recipes’ to help you answer a specific question. Taken together, Proof is exceptionally well-positioned to be a very hot software company, and I’m very pleased to be a part of what they’re doing.”

Mark Stouse, Proof’s founder and CEO, said: “Christopher Engman is a global mega deals expert and a global pioneer in Account-Based Marketing.  As founder of Vendemore, and now as CRO and CMO of Climeon, he brings extraordinary intellectual rigor to his work, not to mention an almost maniacal pursuit of excellence.  His open-handed collaboration with Proof yielded powerful improvements to our platform and in our company. We are very pleased to have him as a Proof Customer Advisor.”

To hear more about Proof from Christopher Engman, watch his video on YouTube.

Over the past decade, the individuals that founded Proof have collaborated with hundreds of business leaders to create a logic framework, a computational engine, and now a software platform that associates all manner of functional, business and outside data to demonstrate marketing’s business impact and how long it takes to generate that impact. Visit for more information.

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