SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 13, 2017) - Preempt, pioneer of the industry's first behavioral firewall, today announced the availability of Preempt Inspector, a free new application that quickly assesses an organization's password health and provides recommendations to reduce risks of credential-based attacks. This tool combines password hashes from major breaches, along with a dictionary of compromised credentials, and weak passwords, to reveal at-risks user accounts. With insight into password quality, organizations are able to identify and change weak passwords and ensure that user passwords are not the weak link.

"Recent breaches such as those at Yahoo! and LinkedIn exposed millions of passwords signaling a significant risk to those users and their companies as users too often use the same passwords for work and personal accounts and often times don't know their passwords have been stolen in the first place. Furthermore, password rules, which many enterprises employ, can allow users to create weak passwords that can easily be cracked," said Ajit Sancheti, CEO and co-founder of Preempt. "The Preempt Inspector application identifies such weak passwords and ensures organizations are not at risk because of another company's breach, putting account password security posture at the security team's fingertips."

Preempt Inspector provides deep contextual intelligence from recent high-profile breaches, combined with weak password dictionaries, to find direct matches and those which are similar enough to be easily cracked using modern tools. Preempt Inspector is part of a broader effort to automatically eliminate internal security threats such as breaches, malicious insiders and employee human error. The Preempt Behavioral Firewall detects suspicious activity based on user behavior and responds in real-time to proactively stop threats without disrupting the business.

To get results instantly:

  • Download the free application here
  • Add domain controller details to start assessment
  • Instantly receive insights into weak, compromised, shared and duplicate passwords
  • Change weak passwords and harden your network

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