PITTSBURGH, March 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- emsCharts, a leader in Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) and Fire Reporting for public safety professionals and a subsidiary of Golden Hour, is proud to announce the release of their new Web Application for the emsCharts cloud-based ePCR service. The release of the emsCharts Web Application as the flagship product of emsCharts includes an enhanced User Interface (UI) and is focused on the end user by simplifying the documentation process and reducing redundant data entry.

This release is the result of significant investment and years of combined development and innovation from emsCharts and Golden Hour and is positioned as the next generation in advanced, integrated ePCR solutions in support of the EMS and medical transport industry.

"Listening to our customers and constantly innovating is our culture," said Rick Mosteller, Senior Vice President of Business Development of emsCharts and Golden Hour. "We are extremely proud of the new emsCharts Web Application and new development direction which demonstrates the power of the collaboration of our team and our combined customer feedback and user metadata to provide the ultimate features and functionality, coupled with the best overall user experience."

"The emsCharts Web release represents the first step in a comprehensive development plan to update many aspects of our service delivery," added Dr. Kevin Hutton, CEO of Golden Hour and emsCharts. "We understand the total customer need for all types of medical transportation. We understand the value streams, operational efficiency, revenue cycle efficiency, compliance, and privacy management requirements of our customers. Our new technology path consolidates this knowledge into a modern and integrated software development platform to continuously improve our services to meet the current and future needs of our customers."

Some of the benefits to customers for the new emsCharts Web Application include:

1. Responsive web design
2. Dynamic screen sizing based on device
3. Modern browser technologies (HTML5)
4. Optimization for touch screen users with finger-friendly button design
5. Minimized pop-ups, clicks, and optimized pick lists
6. Integrated with Google Maps (including address type-ahead)
7. Dynamic data validation to ensure accuracy and completeness
8. Improved physical assessment and procedure documentation
9. Tighter integration and optimization of revenue cycle management
10. Optimizations for analytic users and medical coders

"Our new emsCharts Web Application represents an evolution of our cutting-edge technology, as well as a modernization and new development direction of our company as a whole," said Pete Goutmann, President & CTO of emsCharts. "The unparalleled synergy between Golden Hour and emsCharts gives us the resources and capabilities to provide customer-focused enhancements like no other company in the medical transport industry."
In addition to emsCharts Web, the emsCharts product line includes applications for Mobile, Tablet, EKG, API, CAD Import, Billing Export, Remote Downloader, Analytics, Mobile Integrated Health, Status Board, HIE, and Fire Reports.

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About emsCharts
emsCharts is a leader in providing Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) software solutions to support public safety professionals both in the air and on the ground. A wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Hour, emsCharts provides a patented, fully integrated ePCR and Fire reporting system with an intuitive interface and HIPAA compliant infrastructure focused on a continuous commitment to program sustainability and growth. For more information about emsCharts, visit www.emsCharts.com.

About Golden Hour
Golden Hour is the recognized leader in billing and reimbursement within the air medical transportation industry. With its patented, integrated technologies, Golden Hour has compliantly collected billions of dollars on behalf of both air and ground medical transport programs. Golden Hour supports over 80% of the air medical and comprehensive medical transport market with its integrated dispatch, transfer center, and patient care documentation services, in addition to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services now fully integrated with emsCharts Web. Golden Hour and emsCharts now offer the only patented, fully integrated solutions for all types of medical transport. For more information about Golden Hour, visit www.GoldenHour.com.

Rick Mosteller