Madison, March 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- From police officer to office owner, Andy Von Bank has had quite the success in the last few years. So successful in fact, that he is now the owner of his own business, called Moving Forward Marketing Inc. When discussing why he chose that name, he stated that “The company name was based on optimism, and that everyone goes through hardships. You know, in my previous career, I did everything to move up, and found out it wasn’t a good fit for me, so that was the message, to continue to move forward, and like everyone has bad days, but you have to keep moving forward.”

However, Andy wasn’t always into sales. In fact, his background was the complete opposite. He started off as a police officer, working his way into joining a precinct. But he later realized that he wasn’t in the right place, so he left his job, and instead chose a different career path. He mentioned that he got into this business because, “I was recommended by a friend to check out Elite Media Communications run by Leigh Jackson, and he had good things to say about it, and when I got there, I really liked the team comradery, and the atmosphere of the business.”
Moving on to July 2016, where Andy got his start working in sales in our Milwaukee location. After staying there for a couple months, he then transferred to our Racine location in Sept 2016. What made Andy stand out was that he was consistent with his sales, making top-5 weekly, and realizing he was really good at what he did. Because of this, Andy was later given the opportunity to run his own office in Madison, Wisconsin in Feb 2017.

Fast-forward to today, where Andy is currently residing in his Madison office which has just recently opened. His company specializes in working together with some of biggest retailers in the world to offer his customers a distinct shopping experience. Moving Forward Marketing, Inc. also occupies the customer in learning about his client’s various products and services, while also giving each customer the right information to aid them in making the best decision for them or their families. These campaigns happen in-store and dramatically increase sales for his clients’ products and services.
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