• Proving marketing’s impact is critical to agency business model
  • Pervasive collaboration around data analytics is hugely valuable
  • Proof’s power to change PR and marketing forever

PHOENIX, March 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brent Diggins is on an eternal quest for proof.  Diggins, a Proof customer, leads measurement + analytics for Allison+Partners, a top global marketing and communications agency.  Regarded as one of the most progressive and effective analytics leaders in the marketing profession, Diggins and his team are highly sought after by clients and colleagues alike.

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Diggins likes Proof a lot. “Proof is very easy and fast to use. The analytics are delivered via a very intuitive and collaborative platform designed for professionals who have no data science training. Proof is huge for marketing and PR pros, and we believe it will be significant for Allison+Partners.”

“Our clients range from start-ups to the Fortune 500, and everything in between.  Every client is different, but they all have one thing in common – they want to know what they’re getting for their dollar. That pressure is not going away.  Very soon, any agency that can’t prove business impact will find it very difficult to win or retain clients. That’s why Allison+Partners is working with Proof.”

Diggins has been following Proof’s progress for some time, recently joining the company’s customer advisory council. After receiving a product update, he tweeted:
“@ProofAnalytics is a demo that any CMO and advanced PR metrics pro, interested in correlation analytics, should schedule.”

He kept tweeting, most recently:
“There are many #analytics vendors I use and see. @ProofAnalytics can change how we look at #PR and #marketing; I don't say this lightly.”

Diggins’ enthusiasm for Proof has continued to increase. “Back in 2013, I had seen the Proof System before it was software. It was very impressive stuff. Today, Proof is the first analytics platform to compute marketing attribution and business impact using time-lagged correlations. That means marketers and communicators can know what’s working and not working with respect to a specific outcome, and how long it takes to achieve that specific impact.”

Diggins added: “There are a lot of marketing analytics tools out there, but few allow any sort of real in-app collaboration, particularly across domains. This is important because you want the entire team – client, agency, contractors, etc. – to be aligned against the right business outcomes and objectives. Proof delivers a single source of truth that enables necessary customization and personalization in our campaigns while maintaining our focus on business impact.”

Mark Stouse, Proof’s founder and CEO, said: “Brent Diggins brings an amazing track record of business impact, strategic thought leadership and operational excellence to his clients at Allison+Partners. We are very happy to have him as a Proof customer and a member of the Proof Customer Advisory Council.”

Over the past decade, the individuals that founded Proof have collaborated with hundreds of business leaders to create a logic framework, a computational engine, and now a software platform that associates all manner of functional, business and outside data to demonstrate marketing’s business impact and how long it takes to generate that impact. Visit www.proofanalytics.ai for more information.

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Founded in 2015 in Arizona, Proof is the first software company in the world to compute the time-lapsed business impact of marketing and communications performance.  Co-created with a powerful roster of marketing, communications, PR, risk management, procurement, and business leaders, Proof is available as a Software-Enabled Service (SeS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  @proofanalytics  #ProveIt2017 #proCMO #proCCO #proCFO #proBiz #proAgency

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