Nashville, TN, April 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brilliant Solutions of Nashville, Tennessee takes pride in forging lasting community ties. Director of Operations for the thriving marketing firm, Zach Kaplan vowed earlier this year to ‘make 2017 a year of community outreach’.

“The generation entering the work force is committed to leaving the world in a better state,” explains Kaplan. “If we can take our positive energy and devote it to youth organizations, military outreach programs, and awareness foundations, we will see positive changes throughout our community.”

The idea was quickly put into action in January as Zach began forging a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club. Brilliant Solutions team set a goal to teach the Boys and Girls Club attendees professional development skills with the help of Valor Unit Director Brittany Campagna.

Through their many visits, the associates and youth club members planned and executed games and tasks to teach the essentials of professional presence. The company even participated in a mock “Shark Tank” game where the children sold their own unique invention to the Brilliant Solutions associates, who were staged as aspiring investors.

Brittany says, “The game was so much fun! The kids had a blast and of course they learned so much from it. It is incredibly important that we create an education-rich environment for them here. Though they had a lot of fun with the Shark Tank game, they learned to put pen to paper, to map out their vision, and they learned to articulate their ideas.”

Brilliant Solutions also dedicated time on a separate venture to the Boys & Girls Club to teach important business etiquette skills such as eye contact, how to professionally shake hands and how to carry oneself in a positive way.

Again, Brittany expressed her admiration for the company stating, “These are not small tasks. These are the lessons the children will carry with them through out high school and into the early stages of the workforce. Having role models set the standard of professionalism early is something so often overlooked, and we are incredibly grateful for the partnership of Brilliant Solutions and what they have brought us.”

The feedback the management team received from both The Club and Brilliant associates, paved the way for a new requirement in an already successful mentorship program. Kaplan comments, “Community outreach is quickly becoming a cornerstone of Brilliant Solutions culture. We feel strongly about the positive impact this makes not only on our community, but also on our future leaders. If we continue to instill the importance of selflessness and helping the world around you, our leadership will only sharpen as a byproduct. In business, it’s not about you, it’s about the influence you make on the people around you.”

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