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Louisville Marketing Solutions Announces Second Wave of Internship Program

Louisville, KY, April 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After receiving remarkable feedback from their newly developed internship program, Louisville Marketing Solutions, lead by Director of Operations Blake Presley, announces a second wave is coming, and with more perks for their interns.

The internship program highlights an in-depth training course offered by Louisville Marketing Solutions that allows soon-to-be graduates to get first hand experience in business, marketing, sales and communications. “We pride ourselves in having strong ties to the community. Giving the new generation of workforce the opportunity to have hands on training with some of the best entrepreneurs in the field is a win-win for both our company and the intern. The intern offers a fresh set of eyes and excitement on new campaigns that we are unveiling and in turn, we may offer a full-time salary based position post graduation,” says Blake.

One of Louisville Marketing Solutions most successful interns last year was Katie Tilton. Katie, a marketing major and psychology and communications minor at the University of Louisville, will began her junior year of college with a full summers’ worth of first hand experience. Through the training offered, Katie was promoted from entry-level intern to Assistant Manager just weeks before the internship was to come to a close.

Katie was asked what valuable lessons she learned through her internship program that would prove to be beneficial in future endeavors. Katie said, “The most influential thing that I learned this summer was to always stay positive. Your personal outlook on any given situation can set you up for either success or for failure, and ultimately it is your choice.”

When describing the business practices that she learned, she explained, “I learned so much about what happens behind the scenes when running a successful marketing firm. The interpersonal communications experience that I received, alone was enough to call this internship an absolute success.”

Blake goes on to say, “Katie was able to maneuver through our training program with such ease, proving her leadership and entrepreneur skill set comes naturally.” Because of the extensive positive feed back Louisville Marketing Solutions received from their internship program, the Director enacted a scholarship program. The winner of the scholarship will receive a Louisville Marketing Solutions funded grant toward the intern’s next semester and a career growth opportunity post graduation.

The company’s newest interns include students from Bellarmine University and University of Louisville, including; Ariel Weihl, Dakatoa Graue, Jeffrey Amlung, Rachel Swartz, Alexander Blair, and Michael Dorsey.

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