San Francisco, May 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Self Made Marketing Group, Inc., of the San Francisco Bay Area, has vocalized their strong advocacy of the Millennial Generation in their rapidly-expanding marketing firm.  Director of Operations, Flosusm Smith, has administered the appropriate tactics to attract such candidates.  He believes that the Millennial Generation possess the key qualities to further launch Self Made Marketing Group nationwide.

Smith explains his recruiting strategies when targeting Millennials.  He emphasizes the growth opportunities that are especially enticing to recent graduates or anyone with the eagerness and hunger to succeed in a fast-paced environment.  Self Made Marketing Group has also made it a point to be active in the social media realm, participate in monthly charity events, and provide travel opportunities, all the while, maintaining an enjoyable and upbeat atmosphere.

As he conjures up where he envisions this generation taking Self Made Marketing, Smith states, “These types of candidates will take the company a long way with the clients we collaborate with—our concentration is in the entertainment industry—and [Millennials] are very knowledgeable about today’s world.” Smith trusts that Millennials are well suited for his company due to the fact that they are more adept in our booming technological era.

When asked where he sees his company heading during the second quarter of the year, Smith announced his adamancy about expansion and providing opportunities to such candidates as aforementioned.  “The first step is to attract the right people to the company and then plug them into the system that our business model thrives on,” explains Smith.  Currently overseeing 10 offices around the nation, Smith does not see development of new offices in uncharted territories coming to a halt anytime soon and plans to promote three team members within the next couple of months.

Smith proclaims that in order to bring the Self Made vision into fruition, the ideal candidate starts with the proper mentality.  “Millennials possess a true entrepreneurial spirit, blue-collar work ethic, and student mentality…That’s what we try to accomplish within our company,” says Smith.  Self Made Marketing practices 100% growth from within; with a great team, client demand increasing, and a transparent approach, the possibilities are boundless.

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