Laurent Burelle to leave Wendel's Supervisory Board after the May 18, 2017 Shareholders' Meeting

As a result of his election as president of AFEP (French association of private enterprises) on May 9, 2017, Laurent Burelle will leave Wendel's Supervisory Board as of the end of the May 18, 2017 Annual Shareholders' Meeting.

Mr. Burelle has decided to step down from several positions, including his membership of Wendel's Supervisory Board, so as to devote the time necessary to Compagnie Plastic Omnium, of which he is Chairman & CEO, as well as to his new position as President of AFEP.

Consequently, the seventh resolution of Wendel's May 18 Shareholders' Meeting, regarding the renewal of Mr. Burelle's appointment, has become null and void and will not be submitted to a vote.

Wendel wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Burelle for his commitment and considerable contribution to Wendel's Supervisory Board.

After Wendel's Shareholders' Meeting, and subject to the approval of the resolutions for appointment and renewal of Board members, Wendel's Supervisory Board will be composed of 12 members, including five women, five independent members and one member representing employees, as in 2016.

The proportion of women on the Supervisory Board in 2017 will be 45%, already exceeding in 2017 the 40% objective set by law. The proportion of independent members on the Board (45%) will also exceed the recommendations of the AFEP-MEDEF code (33.33%).




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