OMAHA, NE--(Marketwired - May 13, 2017) - In response to the recent global ransomware cyber attacks, NTT Security's Steven Bullitt is immediately available for media commentary (see bio below).

Situation Summary:
On Friday May 12, 2017, a major ransomware outbreak affected organizations globally. Several hospitals under the National Healthcare System (NHS) in the United Kingdom and Telefonica Spain reported ransomware infections that took their systems offline. The ransomware infection was spread via a massive email spam campaign with the subject line "Transferencia Banca en Línea". The ransomware, called "WannaCry," locks down infected computers and demands the computer's administrator to pay a "ransom" fee in order to release control of their device. The ransomware is spread by exploiting a vulnerability in the Windows OS, which Microsoft released a security patch for in March. Computers and networks that did not install the patch to help protect their systems are at risk.

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Steven Bullitt
Global Vice President, Threat Intelligence & Incident Response
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