Alexandria, Va, May 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

GlyphEd™, the leading provider of interactive data visualization and discovery technology for college and university Enrollment Management, announced today that Human Capital Research Corporation (HCRC) will integrate GlyphEd's GlyphBuilder™1.0 and GlyphViewer™ software into its analytic framework.  

Human Capital Research Corporation provides strategic and tactical guidance to education policy makers, administrators and practitioners. Using an extensive array of statistical research methods reflecting multiple disciplines, HCRC offers a wide range of quantitatively-based research services that fall under the purview of enrollment management, curriculum innovation and institutional finance.

"We anticipate that the integration of GlyphEd™ into our research practices will provide deeper insights that will enhance our understanding of segmented behaviors with potential bearing on market development, yield prediction and student retention.” 

GlyphEd's software allows non-technical users to define, design, create, and share easy to use visualizations of complex data. In a single graphical / visual representation (i.e., on one computer screen), GlyphEd™ presents data related to a variety of factors important to the Enrollment Management Office.

"GlyphEd™ improves the efficiency and effectiveness of Enrollment Management personnel - ultimately reducing the amount of time spent reviewing the breadth and depth of data needed to make decisions," said Mark Sloan, Founder and CEO of GlyphEd™. "We're thrilled to work with Human Capital Research Corporation. Both companies strive for the same positive outcomes for our clients and the students that they serve.

GlyphEd™ integrates with existing CRM and Enrollment Management data systems.

About GlyphEd™
GlyphEd™ is transforming the way Enrollment Management Offices interact with data for discovery and insight. It offers a new way to interact with data, discover insights, and make informed decisions. Ultimately, the GlyphEd™Enrollment Management GlyphKIT™ allows colleges and universities to make faster, more informed decisions across Marketing / Recruiting, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Retention (coming soon). Additionally, GlyphEd™ sits on top of existing IT investments in CRM and other data – allowing colleges and universities to get a greater return on IT investments.

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