SAN FRANCISCO, May 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At its Media Intelligence Summit today, Zignal Labs unveiled new Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that enable corporate communications and marketing professionals to make faster and more informed decisions. Powered by machine learning and visualized through intuitive dashboards, Zignal AI-Powered Social Intelligence helps brands anticipate threats and risks, while surfacing new opportunities to engage stakeholders and audiences. These new capabilities combine intelligence within the Zignal Enterprise Platform with NVIDIA GPU-computing innovations.

“Social media has opened up the data flood gates, creating an insights and relevancy challenge for large brands,” said LaSandra Brill, Head of Digital Planning and Insights at NVIDIA. “Working with Zignal Labs, we’re able to harness the data and work in a truly informed and strategic way across our business.”

The Zignal Enterprise Platform supports the world’s largest, real-time social intelligence data set, and addresses the data overload facing today’s marketing and communications teams. The platform detects, collects and analyzes billions of data points monthly, incorporating traditional, digital, broadcast and social sources. Zignal quickly sorts, understands and analyzes this digital content at a pace impossible for humans – while simultaneously surfacing what’s relevant and actionable.

Zignal AI-Powered Social Intelligence extends the platform’s market leadership to incorporate the following predictive capabilities:

  • Predict and diagnose events with machine learning: With today’s announcement, Zignal Labs has extended the real-time capabilities of its Zignal Enterprise Platform with machine learning. These new capabilities enable historical pattern analysis to identify and summarize emerging events, and predict incoming volume of conversations. Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques also provide insights and context -- all visualized within intuitive dashboards that surface emerging themes, influencers or narratives.

  • NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Computing: The scale and compute power of Zignal’s AI-Powered Social Intelligence capabilities leverage NVIDIA’s high-performance GPUs, as well as its Deep Learning SDK and accelerated computing toolset. Zignal uses NVIDIA GPUs to train its machine learning models in the cloud, supporting massive data volume and throughput with less power and infrastructure.

  • Establish a solid historical baseline for reliable assessment: The platform will rapidly populate a historical baseline of data, for up to 13-months, to assess key trends, topics and issues. At the same time, this data provides critical context for predicting future brand performance and outcomes.

  • Augmented Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence won’t replace common marketing functions managed by humans. Rather, AI will enable marketing effectiveness and works best when operating in tandem with human-assisted intelligence. Zignal WorkWise™ supports this vision and enables users to collaborate across distributed teams and add custom attributes – such as nuanced sentiment scores, domain expertise or brand themes – to media stories. This human-assisted intelligence also flows back into the machine learning engine within the platform, a loop that supports constant improvement of its machine learning.

“Advancements in compute power and data science are accelerating the adoption of AI across a variety industries and professional roles,” said Josh Ginsberg, CEO of Zignal Labs. “AI is now at the doorstep of communications and marketing teams. Zignal AI-Powered Social Intelligence will help these teams anticipate rapid shifts in a dynamic marketplace and make decisions with data-driven confidence.”

“As brands incorporate AI into their daily workflow, humans and computers can together achieve better performance than each working alone,” said Adam Beaugh, President and Chief Product Officer of Zignal Labs. “The Zignal Enterprise platform starts smart, and will constantly learn and adapt through machine learning to help teams perform with greater effectiveness.”

Zignal AI-Powered Social Intelligence capabilities are currently under limited beta release to existing Zignal Enterprise customers. General availability is expected 2H 2017.

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