Military network RallyPoint’s #FlowerOnEveryGrave campaign to bring back true meaning of Memorial Day nationwide

Veteran-serving partners and thousands of volunteers to come together across America May 29 to lay flowers on the graves of fallen service members and veterans

| Source: RallyPoint

WATERTOWN, Mass., May 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- #FlowerOnEveryGrave, the national campaign organized by RallyPoint to commemorate Memorial Day, has brought together a diverse coalition of supporters, donors and volunteers in the weeks leading up to May 29 in an effort to deepen Americans’ connections to this important but often overlooked holiday - encouraging service members, veterans and civilians alike to visit their local cemetery on Memorial Day and place a flower on fallen service member and veterans’ graves.

To support this effort, RallyPoint, the premier social network for the military community, has successfully mobilized more than 2,000 volunteers, raised more than $15,000 and partnered with a diverse array of likeminded organizations, including: The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, National Museum of the United States Army, Association of the United States Army, American Military University, Vet Tix, The Darby Project, Navy Mutual, R4 Alliance, Life Flip Media, Patriot List, Victory for Veterans March on America, Gallant Few, Steel City Vets and Patients Like Me.

“From the earliest days of my military career, the phrases ‘never forget’ and ‘never leave a fallen comrade’ have been core to the leadership principles that I aspired to fulfill both as a service member and now as a veteran,” said RallyPoint CEO Dave Gowel. “The #FlowerOnEveryGrave campaign is important because it allows RallyPoint’s million members to act upon those defining phrases in a meaningful way, regardless of their military status or location around the globe. We thank everyone who has supported this campaign in our inaugural year and look forward to providing more opportunities for RallyPoint members and partners to show that collectively, we will never forget our fallen comrades.”

RallyPoint has activated its network of nearly 1.2 million service members and veterans to help coordinate and encourage volunteer efforts across the country. The effort will revolve around Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where 300,000 service members and veterans are buried. RallyPoint and The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation will build on the Foundation’s past efforts with the help of volunteers, government and military officials and other dignitaries who will come together on May 28-29.

Other notable efforts supported by RallyPoint volunteers and donors include those that will take place in Denver, Colorado and Alabama National Cemetery outside of Birmingham, Alabama where flowers will be distributed to volunteers who wish to assist in similar efforts.

Donors, volunteers and all supporters directly or indirectly involved with the campaign are encouraged to use the hashtag #FlowerOnEveryGrave on social media in the days leading up to Memorial Day 2017 to help raise awareness of the campaign and to share their own stories of honoring the fallen.

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