ADDISON, Texas, May 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Long Range Systems, global provider of on-site guest paging, tracking and restaurant intelligence tools today announced a strategic partnership with VeriSolutions, a company at the forefront of restaurant automation, temperature monitoring solutions and more. The partnership brings together two companies committed to integrating their systems to provide more seamless restaurant operations. The partnership will be showcased at the National Restaurant Association show May 20-23, 2017.

Through this combination of hospitality forces, restaurant operators will now be able to better manage their businesses from the back to front-of-house. “LRS and VeriSolutions are uniquely aligned in that we share the mission to elevate restaurant operations by providing intelligent, operationally efficient products. As we combine LRS’ expertise in guest and staff management products with VeriSolutions' progressive monitoring devices, we see a real opportunity to continue evolving restaurant operations,” said John Weber, President & CEO of Long Range Systems.

Whether a guest has been waiting too long or a refrigerator’s temperature is out of sync, both LRS and VeriSolutions provide notifications so that restaurant operators can correct issues quickly and view performance metrics. LRS and VeriSolutions’ capabilities are a natural fit. The partnership will ensure that a restaurant’s communications and operations are at their best.

“We look forward to showcasing our partnership with LRS at the NRA Show in May because it means that restaurants no longer have to patchwork solutions to address their needs. Together, LRS and VeriSolutions will offer a comprehensive means of keeping staff informed and customers satisfied and safe,” said Michael Crocker, Founder & CEO at VeriSolutions.

LRS guest and staff management technology will be available for demonstration alongside VeriSolutions at NRA 2017, Booth #7045. Click here to schedule a meeting with LRS and VeriSolutions at NRA 2017.

About Long Range Systems, LLC
Since 1995, Long Range Systems has been dedicated to developing technologies that help service-based businesses provide a better customer experience. Businesses need simple solutions that streamline communications between guests and staff. From messaging devices to guest management applications, LRS provides a better means for managing customer flow.

About VeriSolutions
VeriSolutions creates connected restaurants. VeriSolutions monitoring solutions allow restaurant operators and employees to automate the monitoring of temperatures in their refrigeration devices and have operational oversight into line checks and daily operations. These solutions help prevent inventory loss, improve efficiency and ensure customer safety. Visit to learn more about the automated restaurant experience.

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Christen Lazarcheck
Marketing Manager, Long Range Systems, LLC