Split and Change of ISIN for Investment AB Latour (87/17)

| Source: Nasdaq Stockholm AB

Referring to the bulletin from Investment AB Latour‘s annual general meeting, held on May 2, 2017, the company will carry out a stock split in relations 4:1. The share will be traded under new ISIN code with effect from June 20, 2017. The order book will not change.

Short name: LATO B
Terms: Split: 4:1
Current ISIN: SE0000106320
Last day of trading with current ISIN code: June 19, 2017
New ISIN code: SE0010100958
First day of trading with new ISIN code: June 20, 2017

For further information about the split, please contact Investment AB Latour and for information about the settlement please contact Euroclear Sweden AB.