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Latest Installment in American Greetings “Give Meaning” Campaign Encourages Connecting with Those Feeling Alone

Cleveland, OH, July 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- That powerful mix of relief and hope you feel upon realizing that you are not alone in dealing with a tough situation can be difficult to put into words, but we have all been there – and we remember those who showed up for us. That feeling, its impact, and the reminder that relationships are important because people are important are the focus of American Greetings second installment of its “Give Meaning” campaign, a video entitled “Not Alone.” As the meaningful connections expert, American Greetings knows that calendar occasions and major holidays are not always celebratory for everyone. With Parents’ Day approaching on July 23, American Greetings launched “Not Alone” today to further authenticate the importance of showing up for those who are dealing with issues that are sensitive, emotional and isolating – such as the topic of infertility that the video spotlights.

According to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of women and men living with infertility, more than seven million people of childbearing age in the United States (which equates to one in eight couples) experience infertility. American Greetings realized this topic was one that many people can relate to, whether personally or through friends and family members, and joined forces with the forty-three-year-old organization in our efforts to encourage meaningful connections during times when a response is not always instinctive because RESOLVE was created to connect those feeling alone in their struggle with infertility by providing a community of empathy, kindness and support.

“RESOLVE was founded on the belief that when someone faces infertility, support is a critical part of achieving a family-building resolution,” said Barb Collura, President and CEO of RESOLVE. “Infertility impacts millions of people not only physically, but also emotionally, financially and even spiritually. The effects infertility has on personal relationships are often overlooked, which is why we are so honored to partner with American Greetings to shed light on the need for support when someone close to you is facing infertility.”

Showing up for and leaning on each other during difficult times is what the film’s real-life best friends, Sarah and Alyce, do for each other throughout their own personal infertility journeys. When it came time to shoot the final video moment of the card, Alyce wrote a genuine message to Sarah inside it. The reaction seen in the film is what the real impact of receiving a heartfelt, personalized card looks like, and we believe this is just one of the many ways people can show up for each other and give meaning to the moments in life that matter.

Through the “Give Meaning” campaign, we hope to inspire more stories like this one, and we know that today’s digital and social feeds offer a place for our brand and our customers to connect more meaningfully. To join the conversation, share a real moment that really meant something to you with #GiveMeaning. For additional information and inspiration, we encourage you to visit:

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