Martinsville, NJ, July 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CouponSurf, a site dedicated to helping consumers shop smarter and save more, has launched onto the web with hundreds of retail buying guides designed to help shoppers “Get More for Less.”

CouponSurf’s Content Project Manager, Melissa Quintero, ensures that the research team compiles shrewd money-saving tips for popular retailers and services. “We work with our researchers to find those insider tips that most folks simply don’t have the time to uncover,” she says. “With today’s fast pace, people don’t have time to pore over a store’s website. So we save them time as well as money by giving them highlights of the best ways to get deals.”

CouponSurf not only offers competitively discounted coupon codes for all the top online retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, GNC etc., they further the savings opportunities by adding comprehensive buying guides unrivaled by any coupon site on the web. Their researchers cull websites, reviews and coupon blogs to find even more ways consumers can stretch their dollar both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.  

In the buying guide, aptly named “Tips and Tricks to Save More,” visitors can find information on how to get free samples, exclusive sales and coupon codes, free shipping, and more.

Quickly expanding their retailers into the thousands, CouponSurf adds buying guides to their retailer pages on a daily basis. “Sure, our coupon codes save you money,” Quintero says. “But combine that with the knowledge you can gain from even one tip in our buying guides and now you’re a savvy shopper.”

She went on to say that with CouponSurf, a regular coupon shopper can become a savings expert. “Anyone can use a coupon code to get savings,” Quintero says, “and that’s a good thing. But combine a coupon code with an introductory email signup discount and a Buy One Get One deal? Now that’s turbo saving.”

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Scott Smith
Director of Marketing