Real Simple Magazine Picks WISP as the Number One Tool to Simplify Your Life

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WISP Industries

Bristles at a 90 angle create the perfect seal to WISP up debris and dirt!


WISPs 12″-wide short dense 90° angle electrostatic bristles create a squeegee-like effect against your floor. No dust, allergens, & pet-hair get flung back in the air. WISP’s Bristle Seal® Technology attracts & collects pet-hair from virtually any surface including carpet, upholstery, & car seats.

WISP Industries

Every pet owner should have a miniWISP!


If you have pets…you need a WISP. It gets pet hair off any surface. The WISP fits in spaces and places that pet hair hides. It doesn’t matter what kind of floor it is. The WISP Pet Broom will attract and trap all the pet hair in just a WISP. Got pet hair on your furniture? Just grab your miniWISP and pull it across your furniture and just WISP the hair away!

Brett Lauren

SAN DIEGO, July 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Real Simple, the popular lifestyle magazine dedicated to making life easier, has selected WISP as the number one tool to carry out that mission. The WISP’s revolutionary one-handed broom was named the ultimate smart find in this week’s article: “6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life.”

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“WISP is all about making your life easier, so we’re incredibly honored to be recognized by a publication that is all about finding a better, easier way to do things,” said Eben Dobson, inventor and CEO of WISP Industries.

In Alexandra Shonfield’s article, the WISP was picked as a smarter alternative to the “good old-fashioned broom.” “This one-handed broom, which has thick bristles that drag directly across the floor to catch dust, pet hair and other messes your typical broom might otherwise leave behind. A foot-operated dustpan means no more bending over to keep it in place.”

What sets WISP apart from other brooms--and makes it so simple to use--is the lightweight, telescoping handle, the electrostatic bristles that trap dust and debris and the 90-degree squeegee-like design, promoting a one-handed pull or push motion. The miniWISP, featuring the same electrostatic bristles in a smaller, hand-sized design, is perfect for use in RVs, tents and cars, to cleaning up smaller messes and pet hair around the house.

With summer here and more kids in the house for mom and dad to clean up after, there are more uses than ever for WISP products, like tracked-in dirt on floors, carpets and furniture. The WISP’s one-handed pull broom is also the perfect tool for difficult clean-ups on outdoor surfaces like pool decks and driveways.

About WISP: Founded in 2012 by Eben Dobson, WISP Industries is in the business of inventing new and better products for a cleaner home. WISP Industries’ flagship product is The WISP®, a revolutionary new cleaning device that eliminates back and knee pain by changing the way people clean. For more information, visit

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