All About Cats Veterinary Hospital Releases Information on Summer Cat Care in Las Vegas

| Source: All About Cats Veterinary Hospital

LAS VEGAS, July 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- All About Cats Veterinary Hospital released information on keeping cats safe and healthy during the hot summer. There are several things that cat owners need to keep in mind for the season, and veterinarians want to make sure that everyone is up to speed. Their tips touch on keeping cats cool, preventing unexpected heat-related sicknesses, and general health maintenance.

All animals can become overheated during the summer, especially in a city like Las Vegas. All About Cats Veterinary Hospital warns that cats, like dogs, must be kept out of cars when the automobiles' air conditioning isn't running. This is because the temperature inside of any vehicle will spike to extreme levels within less than ten minutes.

"Keeping cats cool and comfortable in the heat is essential to their well-being. Too much heat puts a strain on the animal's lungs, heart and kidneys and can exacerbate underlying diseases. It’s common during the hot weather to see an increase in vet visits because dehydration can happen so quickly. Cat owners should always keep their pets in air-conditioned, well ventilated environments during the hottest times, and of course, provide plenty of water," said Dr. Terri Koppe of All About Cats Veterinary Hospital.

One unique heat-beating method offered by the clinic is a special shave it calls the "lion shave." Typically, it involves shaving the hair off of the cat except for the head, paws, and tip of the tail. Since many cats are afraid of being groomed, the process is done under anesthesia. Getting rid of the extra hair, especially on long-haired cats, makes it easier for the cat to stay cool. It also greatly reduces the amount of hairballs the cat will vomit.

Summer is also a good time to catch up on veterinary check-ups. To help with this, All About Cats Veterinary Hospital offers bundled screening services. These use blood tests and other checks to spot anything that is amiss so that the proper treatments may be prescribed. Senior cats will get a thyroid check along with a full blood panel, since thyroid problems become more common with age.

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