WASHINGTON, July 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It has been a busy year for GRIMM, a cybersecurity engineering, consulting, and research & development firm. GRIMM is packing up and heading to Las Vegas to showcase what they’ve been working on for the summer hacker conferences at Black Hat USA, BSides Las Vegas, Codenomi-con, and DEFCON 25. From demonstrating how to hack Internet of Things (IoT) devices and personal automobiles in the DEFCON Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Car Hacking Villages, to embarking upon the company’s first product launch, a number of talks, and an arcade party the last night of DEFCON, it will be a busy week.    

“Howdy Neighbor” at the DEFCON ICS Village
GRIMM’s model smart house, Howdy Neighbor, simulates how multiple interactive “smart” home products, including webcams, smoke detectors, power meters, HVAC systems, smart ovens and smart fridges, video game consoles, smart TVs, toasters, coffee makers, light bulbs, etc., can be hijacked by attackers of various skill level to expose real-world vulnerabilities. Howdy Neighbor is a Capture the Flag (CTF) at DEFCON in the Industrial Control System (ICS) Village for hackers of all skill sets to play against.

“3PO” at the DEFCON Car Hacking Village
3PO is GRIMM’s mobile car hacking lab built to demonstrate how hackers can hijack steering, accelerating, braking and communication systems in connected vehicles, which constitute an extremely large and expanding attack surface. This demonstration uses Electronic Control Units (ECUs) from a 2012 Ford Focus as a test-bed for reverse-engineering and hacks on connected vehicle systems. 3PO will be at the DEFCON Car Hacking Village for hackers of all skill sets to work against.

CROSSBOW Soft Product Launch
Celebrate with GRIMM as they embark upon their first product launch. CROSSBOW, is an enterprise solution that enables you to run security assessments on an actual operational environment, not a simulation, to provide a true picture of an organization’s security posture. GRIMM is going all out to host a Vegas Penthouse party with the tech community. There will be great food and drinks will be flowing while DJ Keith Myers provides the jams. The party will take place on Wednesday, July 26 for additional details email events@grimm-co.com.

Arcade Party at DEFCON 25
GRIMM will host an arcade party for all DEFCON attendees to celebrate the final night of the event on Saturday, July 29 from 9:00pm – 2:00am PT in Octavius 5-8 at Caesars.

In addition, GRIMM will participate and host a series of events and speaking sessions. Additional details on GRIMM’s schedule of speaking sessions are included below:

GRIMM offers security engineering and consulting services backed by research and development in delivering the art of the possible in cybersecurity. The team services government and commercial clients from a diverse range of industries, including the safety sectors such as critical infrastructure, automotive, and IoT embedded devices, and web-based applications, networks, and systems.  Additionally, GRIMM develops and teaches advanced courseware for prominent security certification providers training to support the security and exploitation of these industries and is an authorized training provider of Senrio’s Software Exploitation via Hardware Exploitation and Practical ARM Exploitation. Visit us at https://grimm-co.com.

For press that wants to schedule an interactive demonstration or attend any of the speaking or social events contact Dex Polizzi at dex@w2comm.com or Christine Piry at christine@grimm-co.com.

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Source: GRIMM (SMFS, Inc.)