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GlyphEd TM the leading provider of interactive data visualization and discovery technology for college and university Enrollment Management, and John Carroll University announced, today, that John Carroll University will join the GlyphEd™ Early Adopters Program. The company and university will work together to enhance GlyphEd’s existing software functionality with student success and retention capabilities.

U.S. Department of Education awarded John Carroll University a “First in the World” (FITW) program grant, totaling nearly $1.3 million in September 2015. “First in the World” grants are made to fund initiatives that will improve academic outcomes and retention rates through innovative programs for students at colleges and universities. John Carroll is one of 17 recipients out of 300 applicants to receive the grant nationwide. The University devised its Blue/Gold program in October 2015. This John Carroll project organizes students into a program of block schedules and clustered courses, including some foundational core courses that enroll a common cohort of students into learning communities. The university considers GlyphEd TM a uniquely valuable tool in support of retention and success programs like Blue/Gold.

GlyphEd TM will develop Student Success and Retention oriented visualizations in support of John Carroll University and its First in the World program. The visualizations will be designed to aid users in the discovery of key insights regarding drivers of: attrition and retention; incoming students needs; and outreach that may be needed across segments of the student body to drive student success and retention. 

"GlyphEd visualizations give us better insight into the overall well being of our student population as we work to help them persist and thrive," said Terry L. Mills, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Student Success at John Carroll University. "We look forward to working with the GlyphEd team to design functionality that will give us indicators of when we can provide support to individual students to help them persist when struggling and help them work forward to success."

"Working with John Carroll University on retention and student success is a true honor," said Mark Sloan, Founder and CEO of GlyphEd™. "Their commitment to student success comes through in all of their programs -- from the day that someone becomes a student through to career success. We are excited to support these efforts."

GlyphEd™ integrates with existing CRM and Enrollment Management data systems to allow non-technical users to more easily make sense of the available data that Enrollment Management offices have in various systems and databases.

About GlyphEd™
GlyphEd™ is transforming the way Enrollment Management Offices interact with data for discovery and insight. It offers a new way to interact with data, discover insights, and make informed decisions. Ultimately, the GlyphEd™Enrollment Management GlyphKIT™ allows colleges and universities to make faster, more informed decisions across Marketing / Recruiting, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Retention (coming soon). Additionally, GlyphEd™ sits on top of existing IT investments in CRM and other data – allowing colleges and universities to get a greater return on IT investments.

About John Carroll University:

John Carroll University, founded in 1886 as Saint Ignatius College, is located in University Heights, Ohio, in suburban Cleveland. Its Jesuit Catholic mission inspires individuals to excel in learning, leadership, and service in the region and the world. John Carroll University is recognized nationally for an exceptional four-year graduation rate, teaching excellence, and a commitment to living a faith that does justice as central to its mission. John Carroll is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. 

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