Kids and Their Tech: Carelessness Can Be Costly

Safeware recommends that parents keep an extra eye on school-provided laptops and tablets during back to school season to prevent accidents

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Backpacks, buses, playgrounds, and sport practices - school-owned laptops and tablets are highly prone to damage this Back to School season!

Dublin, Ohio, July 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Safeware, a leading provider of product protection and extended warranty solutions, has been the expert in protecting technology used by K-12 students for over thirty-five years. Having such extensive experience working with school-age students, Safeware understands that devices in a K-12 environment are among the most high-risk for catastrophic damage. In fact, over seven percent of all claims reported every year are so severe that they require the entire device to be replaced with a new unit.

Of all claims reported to Safeware for devices used by K-12 students, sixty percent are from drops and falls of the device that result in screen damage or other forms of failure. Another ten percent are damaged while being transported in a backpack. One parent from Glenview, Illinois reported that her daughter came home one day after school, ran from the bus, tossed her backpack aside and went to play with friends. When her mom picked up the backpack, she noticed that the school-owned Chromebook was bent and the screen was cracked. This damage required repair work that left the student without her device in class for several days.

Back-to-school season also means the start of fall sports practices and games, as well as outdoor recess time, both of which can lead to unexpected device damage. One student from Baltimore, Maryland took his school-owned iPad to recess when it began to rain; he was unable to protect the device from the water damage and it was rendered unusable until a repair could be completed.

Another student who submitted a claim to Safeware was excited to be on the field for his first football game, and happened to have his laptop in his backpack when he placed it on the sidelines for warmups. After the game started and he scored a touchdown for the team, his coach dumped a cooler of water on his head without realizing that the laptop was still nearby. The student helped his team win the game, but the device was a clear loser in this instance.

Among the most popular devices for classroom use are Chromebooks, iPads and MacBooks. However, these devices are also highly prone to accidents and damage. For example, a simple cracked screen costs an average of $110 to repair for Chromebooks, $210 for iPads, and $500 for MacBooks; without some form of protection, these unbudgeted costs often fall to parents or school districts. Protection can take the form of insurance, always-on cases, screen protectors, or even backpacks with built-in laptop padding.

By teaching young students how to properly use and protect their technology, devices will likely last longer and have fewer damage instances. Parents can facilitate this training by setting a good example with devices used in the home and by following school-recommended care policies.

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