For Cancer Researchers, SynGlyphX Provides Added Visibility for Discovery

Elena Manilich, Data Scientist and Biomedical and Health Informatics Researcher at John Carroll University Employs SynGlyphX 3D Data Visualization Software to Explore and Analyze Cancer Data.

| Source: SynGlyphX Holdings, Inc.

Alexandria, Va, Aug. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

SynGlyphX® the leading provider of interactive data visualization and discovery technology and John Carroll University's College of Arts and Sciences announced today that cancer researchers at the John Carroll University are using SynGlyphX® Software to visualize and analyze multiple cancer data sets simultaneously to accelerate the number of discoveries they find in their data.

Elena Manilich, Ph.D., a data scientist and biomedical and health informatics researcher and professor in John Carroll University's Department of Computer Science, chose SynGlyphX® Software in order to explore multiple cancer datasets simultaneously. John Carroll has been using SynGlyphX software in its Computer Science program to explore and understand the benefits of data visualization as an aid to both the discovery of critical insights in data and in communicating findings to an audience.  Dr. Manilich saw the software in action with datasets unrelated to those she analyzes and wanted visualizations of her own cancer data. Manilich's research team will use SynGlyphX® visualizations to identify anomalies and find opportunities previously undiscovered in the data.

"SynGlyphX® enables us to see our data more holistically," said Dr. Manilich. "We can look within the data to see associations and disassociations that we have never seen. It helps us to look at the data differently, ask additional and new questions, and quickly discover insights remarkably.”

SynGlyphX® software is designed based on both the common understanding and scientific research that shows humans recognize cultural symbols of meaning (e.g., big is more, small is less, green is good, red is bad). SynGlyphX® uses these principles to visually represent data as glyphs: a collection of geometric objects that have data mapped to properties of color, shape, size, position to convey meaning to users.

SynGlyphX® software transforms data into a visual, 3D, immersive and interactive environment that simplifies and expedites analysis of vast amounts of data, in context. It works on commercially available hardware used within the majority of corporate and academic organizations worldwide.

In 2016, Kristine A. Schulz, DrPHa, of Duke University School of Medicine released a white paper that details how the team at Duke Medical Center re-analyzed traditionally run medical research using SynGlyphX software. The team discovered several valuable findings identified within the SynGlyphX® visualization that were not explored in the original statistical plan, including increased bleed rates in some patients. The white paper can be found here: Using data visualization software to get there quicker and without missing any landmarks -- a case study in healthcare research. 

"In our work with both John Carroll and Duke, we have been extremely excited to see the impact that SynGlyphX® data visualizations have on medical and academic research," said Mark Sloan, Co-founder and CEO of SynGlyphX. "We are always grateful for the opportunity to work with people like Dr. Manilich, whose research has far reaching impact on all of us."

For more information on SynGlyphX®, visit www.SynGlyphX.com. 

About SynGlyphX®:

SynGlyphX® is transforming the way the world interacts with data for discovery and insight. With superior technology, perceptual engineering and knowledgeable staff, SynGlyphX® offers its customers the ability to assimilate massive amounts of data in a single computer screen, allowing user to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies -- and ultimately "Transform Data to Knowledge. Faster." For more information about SynGlyphX, visit www.SynGlyphX.com.

About John Carroll University:

John Carroll University, founded in 1886 as Saint Ignatius College, is located in University Heights, Ohio, in suburban Cleveland. Its Jesuit Catholic mission inspires individuals to excel in learning, leadership, and service in the region and the world. John Carroll University is recognized nationally for an exceptional four-year graduation rate, teaching excellence, and a commitment to living a faith that does justice as central to its mission. John Carroll is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States.

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